Advanced Bodyweight Workout for Anyone That Can’t Make It to the Gym.

Small-basement-home-gym-and-yoga-areaWe’ve all been stuck at home, in a hotel or without a gym. Some travel during the holidays, but others travel consistently and need a way to stay active on the road. So we developed a sample workout that you can perform anywhere.

**No EQUIPMENT Needed**

Caution: Some of these movement are advanced and require a certain level of mobility, strength and body awareness, so proceed with caution.

Mobility – Warm Up

Cat Cow – 2 minutes

Hip CARS – 10 per side

Shoulder CARS – 10 per side

Activation Work

Feet – Balance for 20sec each, on each foot.  No angle?  No problem, just try to balance on one foot for 1 minute.

Hips – 15 reps per leg

Core – Plank knee in and extend – 15 reps per leg

Plank – Opp Reach – 15 reps per arm

**You can perform 1-2 sets of the activation work, before starting the strength series.

Strength Series – 8-12 reps per exercise

1a. Eccentric Step Up

Rest 1 minute.

1b. Climber Pull up

Rest 1 minute.

1c. Split Squat

Rest 1 minute.

1d. Spider Crawl – 30sec 

Rest 3 minutes, then repeat 3-4 rounds of the strength series.

So, if you are stuck on the road and have limited access to the gym, then this type of workout should keep you moving. If you have any questions, please leave a comment below and we will point you in the right direction.


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Decide Today-The Second Best Time is Now


As the Chinese proverb states, the best time was a long time ago, but that is all the more reason to get started today!

We are blessed with the ability to envision our future, and remember our past. If we choose to see this cognitive ability as a gift, it can exponentially increase the power of our present.

Every passing moment is an opportunity to make good, healthy choices.

Every next minute and hour is not claimed by our past, but by the decision we make here and now.

We may not control everything, but we have the ability to control what we decide and act on in every present moment.

A deep realization of the power of choice we have been gifted with, could not only change our life for good, but also have a lasting impact in the lives of those close to us.A+K Wedding-267

When I decided to take responsibility for my decision, I had severely screwed up my life, relationships, and career…needless to say, I missed the opportunity to plant the proverbial tree 20 years ago, so I planted the tree that day.

It has been ten years since I made that decision, and although I have screwed up here and there, the last ten years have been incredibly transformative.

I have no doubt in my mind that in ten years from now, the proverbial tree that I planted in March of 2004, will represent extraordinary transformation in my life, and in the lives of so many others.

Not because I am extraordinary, but because I have to plant the proverbial tree, water it, feed it, and care for it, turning the next decision into the best decision that I can make in each present moment.IMG_20150701_194013

Over the last ten years, I have experienced incredible gifts and blessings from t
he decision to plant a tree:

  • Married the most incredible gift of a woman that God could have provided
  • Have two of the most beautiful blessings of daughters
  • Built a business out of helping people improve their quality of life
  • Helped 3,451 people over the past ten years get a little better life
  • Set American Records and won a National Title
  • Paid off all of my debts personally
  • Saved and saving for my future and my family’s future
  • Bought our family’s first homes
  • Led hundreds of Marines in training and Photo Courtesy of Steve Burroughscombat
  • Created educational protocal for the busy parent, and the motivated trainer to help improve lives exponentially
  • Served and given to local and global charities

I am not special, nor am I a one-off. I just made the decision, and stuck to it.

You have the same power in your present.

Whether you want to change physically, mentally, or spiritually, the power lies in your decision today.

Have you planted your tree?ir_group_shot

21 Ways to Make This Day Your Best Day Ever

enhanced-buzz-8548-1367336827-9Jump-start that “Next One Best One” mentality by setting yourself up to have the BEST DAY EVER.

Tweak your morning routine to make your day healthier, happier and overall more fun!

Don’t Hit Snooze: No matter how tempting, or cozy your bed, resist the snooze button. Multiple “snoozes” will actually make you more tired and delay your positive mindset for the day ahead.

Get in a Sweat Sesh: Morning workouts can help boost your energy (and metabolism) through the day.

Breathe: Before you jump into the hustle and bustle, take a moment to breathe – A couple deep breaths will help you feel more balanced and ready to start the day of right (Check out these 11 Breathing Techniques to help relax your body, calm your mind and reduce stress).active stretching

Stretch: Sleeping can lead to stiffness, so take a moment to stretch out those kinks.

Or Do Yoga: Even a 10 minute series will boost happiness and release muscle and joint tightness before you start your day. Looking for a great Active Stretching series? Check out IR’s New Active Stretching class at 7:30am every Tuesday and Thursday.

Drink Coffee: Careful not to overindulge, but a good Cup O’ Joe in the morning can improve memory, help muscle pain, keep you regular, and increase endurance.

But Skip the Sugar: Added sugars can increase belly fat, and actually harm your immune system.

Have Everything Ready: Making getting out the door a hassle-free breeze. Pack your purse, gym bag or briefcase the night before.

Bring Your Lunch: A great way to save on money and calories, prep your meal and bring a lunch to work.

Drink Water: Keep your mind clear, skin feeling fresh and even boost your metabolism by staying hydrated all day.

Listen to Music: Playing your favorite tracks while you get ready can have you energized and excited to greet the day ahead. Plus your super sweet dance moves will have you burning calories.noelagal

Smile: Start the day off feeling positive, and maybe brightening someone else’s day with your pearly whites! A smile can actually boost your mood. (Watch the Power of the Smile)

Eat a Balance Breakfast: Start your day off with a nutrient-filled breakfast and you’ll be more likely to maintain that healthy eating all day/

Focus on Fruits and Veggies: Clean eating can help naturally detox and re-energize your body.

Sip Smartly: Enjoying a smoothie or green juice can be super refreshing, but be smart. Many of those pre-made juices can be full of added sugars and calories. Try your own recipe!

Boost your Immunity: If you’re feeling under the weather, load up on some extra vitamins and minerals! Try a TraceMinerals PowerPak for that extra boost of Vitamin C.

Make Your Bed: It may seem like a waste of time, but taking a minute to tidy up your bed will make you’re home feel more welcoming. Not too mention make your bed much more inviting after an amazingly productive day.

Wait to Sign Online: Give yourself time before checking your email, especially social media. That is the last thing you need to add stress to your

Make a To-Do List: If you’ve got a lot on your plate, or you just want to make sure to designate some “me-time”, write it all down. A to-do list will help you feel organized and accomplished.

Don’t Freak Out: Remember, even the most busy and stress-filled days will come to an end.

Give Yourself Some Love: Positive Affirmation time! Look in the mirror and remind yourself that you are smart, talented, and gorgeous!

Next One, Best One!

Source: PopSugar for Full Article

Choose HAPPY This Weekend

CBAnnBy Aaron Guyett

What are you doing this weekend?

Me personally, I get the opportunity to watch my long time friend and business partner get married…and when I thought about it, I want to share my happiness choice with you.

I choose happiness, and I encourage you to choose happiness, too, not because of the good that will happen to you, but because you choose to see the good in everything.

Every dark cloud has a silver lining, and it takes an incredible amount of character to choose love, joy, and happiness even in those tough situations.

I am not saying, “don’t be sad, or sadness, frustration, and anger is not allowed.”

They are all emotions that we experience, and they are all valid.

I am challenging you to pursue happiness from the inside out.21651-I-Chose-To-Be-Happy

Pursue a new way to perceive your surroundings.

Believe the best in yourself and others.

Look for what makes you happy or grateful for yourself, your surroundings, and others in your life, especially your loved ones.

I would be willing to bet that there are many things you might be taking for granted that you can now show love, happiness, and appreciation for, regardless of how many “bad” things might come with yourself, situations, and others.

Smiling is a way we can all pursue this character in our lives no matter the situation.

Impact your life and the lives of others with a free gift: your smile.Happy (1)

Watch Smile Video here, and I dare you to keep a straight face.



Make your next hour your best hour!

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7 Tips for a Healthier You

By Ron Burg, Clever Training2014-12-16 15.38.56

A consistent lifestyle will promote healthier eating and exercising habits. Sure, it can be hard to change your routine, but tweaking little things and continuing to do so will enable a happier, healthier you.

No one is perfect, plus every once in a while you really just want to eat that burger and fries. It’s perfectly fine to indulge; especially if you make sure that your three meals that day are healthy alternatives to your “cheat” meal.

Even on your worst and most lazy days, you should strive to get up and move, and eat the best you can to keep your habit consistent. Additionally, follow these steps to maintain that healthy lifestyle you have always wanted.

1. Get at least 10,000 steps a day.
A great way to count your steps is to use gadgets like activity monitors and GPS watches. They will keep up with your every move, and some models also log your sleep hours and provide you with extra motivation.

Here are some simple ways you can reach your 10,000 steps:trail running squeeze background
• Always use the stairs.
• Walk the dog.
• Aim to park far away from any building.
• Pack your lunch so you can walk during your break.

2. Teach your body to be healthy.
Train your body to be healthy, and it will act accordingly. If you stop eating sweets, you won’t crave them half as much. Plus, after you eliminate something out of you diet, chances are you won’t even like it when you do eat it. Make sure you keep your healthy eating habits consistent.

3. Eat breakfast.healthy food collage
Make sure to eat breakfast EVERY day. This will jumpstart your metabolism by signaling your body it’s okay to feel hungry. You will need food for energy to keep up with all those steps anyway!

4. Allow some sweat.
Sweat is our body’s cooling system. When you work out often, your body will immediately start to sweat, because it knows what it’s in for. However, if you don’t regularly work out, your body will take longer.

Make sure you move enough and try to exercise every day to keep your sweat a constant.

5. Think long-term.
Dieting is short-term. What you really need, in order to make a difference (and see the change stick!), is to make healthy changes that last a lifetime. Eat clean; lower your sugar, sodium, and starches.

6. Drink enough water.
You should never feel thirsty; if you do, you should up your water intake. Staying hydrated means your workout won’t count as much (no matter how hard you work).

7. Stay active.Costa Mesa Fitness Center
One hour at the gym does not lead to an active lifestyle. Again, the key here is consistency. Make sure you are moving throughout your entire day. Hitting the gym every day is great, but make sure you’re not idle the rest of the time.

Get up and move around, do a lap around the office – anything you can to stay active during your down time.

About Clever Training
Clever Training is a multi-channel specialty retailer and leading provider of innovative athletic training gear. Whether preparing elite athletes for competition, or helping individuals lead healthy lifestyles, our fitness experts focus exclusively on providing our customers with the latest fitness tools and innovations to help them achieve their goals.

8 Reasons Why Failing is Actually Succeeding



The dreaded “F” word…


Experiencing SUCCESS on your first attempt is rare, hence the saying “beginners luck.” And we’d bet that this “luck” did not result in finding your dream career, beautiful partner, or any item that you consider “priceless” in your life.

Life’s bumps and bruises are what you need to achieve YOUR goals. Pick the Brain recently posted a great article on the importance of experiencing failure, and why you are actually succeeding each time you feel the weight of “failure” and we couldn’t agree more.

1. It can be a good lesson for youthephoenix
2. Failing makes you realize if you really want this
3. Mistakes build your character
4. It is a chance to try something new
5. It gives you an opportunity to grow
6. Mistakes help you meet new people
7. It makes you revise your priorities
8. I makes you understand that you are not superman

To read the full article and get descriptions of each listed reason  check out Pick the Brain  HERE

6 Things That Will Happen When You Stop Working Out

agility ladderThat missed training session has turned into a multiple week break, ready to find out what your body has to say?

“Detraining” – just as a great training program builds you up, falling out of your workout routine can have negative effects on your body.  Not too mention deny you the fitness goals you set for yourself.

Lucky for us, ‘detraining” is a fully reversible condition as long as you get yourself back to your training routine.  So what actually happens to your body when you trade regular sweat sessions for the couch, and Netflix binge? Let’s take a look!

1. Your Blood Pressure Soars
An elevated blood pressure is an almost instant effect of de-training. On the days you spend out of the gym, your blood pressure will be higher. “Your blood vessels adapt to the slower flow of a sedentary lifestyle after just two weeks, which clicks your readings up another couple of notches, according to a recent study in the journal PLoS. Within a month, stiffening arteries and veins send your BP back to where it would be if you’d never even left the couch, says study author Linda Pescatello, PhD, of the University of Connecticut.”

How Do I Reverse It: Start sweating again! Once you get back to your regular sweat sessions, your blood pressure will drop a bit day by day, and your blood vessels will increase efficiency within your first week back. According to Dr. Pescatello, after a month or two, the heart-pumping workouts will allow for vaculature flexibility resulting in “lasting pressure-lowering effects.”

2. Your Blood Sugar Spikes
Normally, you see an increase in your blood glucose after you eat, then as your muscles and other tissues process the sugar they need for energy the levels begin to drop. After only 5 days of skip the gym excuses, your post-meal blood sugar levels will remain in the elevated state. As these levels increase with sedentary behavior, you increase your risk of heart disease and diabetes.

How Do I Reverse It: Studies have shown that just one week of regular exercises will have a HUGE effect on decreasing post-meal blood sugar.

3. You Get Winded Fast SteveStary3
Climbing those stairs getting a little tougher? Two weeks of less of missed training sessions will have you gasping for breath as your working muscles fight for oxygen. According to exercise physiologist Stacy Sims, PhD, your VO2 max (how much oxygen your working muscles can use) decreases by as much as 20% within those first two weeks of de-training. (Read more about why this occurs HERE)

How Do I Reverse It: The Bad News – rebuilding will take longer than the 2 weeks it took to lose those original gains, but the great news is that it is possible! It’s never too late to restart your training habits and get back in shape. Nothing GREAT comes easy, you just have to set up your plan.

4. Your Muscles Withermikki
Your endurance will be the first to go as your activity levels decrease, and second will be your strength with your quads and biceps being the first to go 😉 After two weeks of rest, studies have found dramatic reduction in muscle mass often leading to an inability to ‘sustain high intensity efforts.’

How Do I Reverse It: Again, the rebuilding process is going to be longer than the 2 weeks it took you to lose muscle mass, but you are better off than those who have never touched a weight before. Read more…

5. You Plump Up
You guessed it! Within 1 week your muscles will begin lose their ability to burn fat, and your metabolism will slow due to inactivity.

How do I Reverse It: Ready to reduce the plumpness? It may require at least double the duration of time you took off from training to regain that same lean level you started with. Don’t let the duration of time discourage you, just add one workout a week to start. The health benefits will start adding up as you get back into the swing of things and you will be back to your sexy self in no time!

6. Your Brain SuffersStress
Feeling tired, irritable, and grouchy? Studies have reported that within 2 weeks regular exercisers have shown changes in mood, mindset and productivity.

How Do I Reverse It: Combat stress, depression and anxiety by using regular exercise as an instant mood booster! Some studies have even shown that exercise helps with your memory!

Get up and get moving, your “Improved Quality of Life” is waiting for you at your next training session!

SOURCE: MSN|Health & Fitness – 6 Things That Will Happen When You Stop Working Out (Read FULL Article)

Self Conscious About Starting Another Exercise Program?…Don’t Be!
Doctor Amazed By An IR Client’s Health Results

10 Things the Best Athletes Do (That You Don’t)


Maybe you aren’t looking to become the next Serena Williams, Derek Jeter Usian Bolt, Michael Phelps or Mia Hamm, but if you participate in a strength and conditioning program you my friend are an ATHLETE.

So what are these “next level” athletes doing to build that ‘ideal physique’ that many of us train and work are tails off for? The answers probably won’t SHOCK you, but in order to reach your personal fitness goals, it may be time to hear the facts.

Eat to Perform put together a list of the Top 10 things that the best athletes do that you likely are not.

1. They don’t look for a quick fix.


That admirable, and ‘ideal physique’ came from dedicating countless hours of training and programming. These athletes did not earn their bodies over a couple weeks, and they never, ever gave up on their dreams. If you feel discouraged with your fitness results, as many of us do at times, you won’t find the resolution by giving up. You have to be dedicated to the basics, and put in the time. Enjoy the journey, and be delighted in your small accomplishments because in time they will be your BIGGEST accomplishments.

2. They know where they are, where they want to go, and how to get there.


The best athletes move from one goal to the next to uphold their sense of interest. If you find yourself struggling to maintain focus or passion, set a SMART Goal. Something as simple as a lifting PR, or taking seconds off your mile run – then set a deadline (realistic), and most importantly commit to the goal.

3. They don’t try to reach their physique goals by cutting Calories.

EAT TO TRAIN, do not train to eat. The best athletes are rarely looking to cut their daily caloric intake. Their food is used to enhance work capacity, and work to maintain and build the muscle they are training for.

4. They don’t obsess over their abs.


My friends those 6 pack abs do not come from 1000’s of crunches.
“The best athletes I know don’t spend a whole lot of time thinking about how to get abs; the work they do ultimately just lands them in that spot.” Alex Viada, Ultra Endurance Athlete, Elite Powerlifter, and beer anthusiast.
Eat to Perform can agree that form follows function, and that if you want to look athletic… well, you are gonna need to BE athletic. Start training to improve your performance and the rest will fall into place.

5. They don’t worry about putting on body fat due to overeating.

Majority of athletes are training to gain hard muscle and not worrying much about losing fat. As Eat To Perform explains, if you want to squat more, for example, “You need to put a lot of quality work into developing your quads and glutes, perfecting your form, and increasing your work capacity. That cannot be accomplished in a Calorie deficit, and it’s a lot harder to do if you’re worried about your scale weight.” It all comes back to the Eat to Train/Perform.

6. They train smart and focus on incremental performance increases.


These days it seems that the majority of folks believe that to perform at their highest levels you should be training all day every, pushing yourself to exhaustion during every training session – more reps, heavier weights, tougher workouts, longer duration etc. The Fitness Industry has news for you – the best athletes DO NOT train this way.

So what are the fittest people in the world doing? They are varying their training with a combination of activities, intensity levels, and modes of training. You will probably find these athletes working on their aerobic capacity in the morning with high intensity interval training (HITT), followed by an evening weight training routine to develop max strength. (They didn’t start out like that, and typically they will do one or the other.) Many times, these athletes are working with coaches that have specifically designed training programs, applying progressive overload overtime so that their performance peaks at a specific time. This programming is never random, it is done with purpose.

7. They don’t feel guilty when they miss workouts.


Rest is not only necessary, it is immensely beneficial. If you are pushing the limits of human performance you will need to schedule yourself some much needed recovery time. If you are skipping training sessions weeks on end you may need to re-evaluate your time commitments, but don’t feel guilty about skipping a day if you have a consistent training record. A little extra recovery may boost your hunger and commitment in reaching that goal you set!

8. They surround themselves with people who’re better than they are.

What happens if you are the strongest/fastest/best athlete in your gym? The drive to better yourself dwindles, and you are no longer challenged by your surroundings – the old “Big fist-little pond” effect. Maybe its time to change perspective. Athletes will often put themselves out there and seek out new challengers. Find a workout, or challenger that will make you better. Don’t be afraid to fail, use competition as a motivator to advance towards your own individual needs.

9. They constantly seek out new information and develop a broad knowledge base.

Believe it or not, you have the same access to training, nutrition, or motivational materials that high-level performance athletes have. The difference? These athletes are constantly studying and applying new methods. Dedicate time to making yourself 1% better each and every day by reading, pursuing a certification or higher education, or seek out the knowledge of the best coaches in your area.

10. They do EVERYTHING they need to do to be the best they can be.


The best athletes in the world are not without the every day demands that we all face. Many are parents, with time consuming jobs but they make no excuses when it comes to eating clean, training, and recovery.

PMA – Developing a Positive Mental Attitude, or Mindset will help you become the BEST version of yourself. It is about improving the quality of your life, striving for constant improvement, nourishing your body, and being in control of yourself. There is an athlete in you, but you have to be willing to put in the time and “pay the price” for that ‘ideal physique’.

It’s time to set those goals, and go after them!

Source: Eat to Perform

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Alex Experiences a ‘Fitness Awakening, & Mindset Revival’

AlexCAlex has been a devoted part of the IR Family for over 1 year, and her fitness journey… nay, ADVENTURE is still motivating herself and other members of the IR Family to continue pursuing their personal Improved Quality of Life.

Check out what Alex had to say on her 1 Year Anniversary with OC’s Fitness Playground.

I’ve been alive one year. A year ago I walked into Innovative Results, and I had a rebirth. A fitness awakening, a mindset revival. I have cried tears of burn and of sweat and of life in this church of mine, and always look forward going for each and every workout.

There’s a camaraderie at IR, not only apparent between the coaches but among the clients, as well. You’ll find a family here, within each and every session; it doesn’t matter who’s there with you. Everyone, and I mean everyone is positive and motivating.

Every three weeks, they change what you do. So, whether you go five times a week or twice a week, you’ll get varying workouts between “upper”, “lower,” and a “metabolic” day. If you don’t know what that means, you’ll find out.

The coaches are incredible. Their knowledge and their passion for what they do is unparalleled to anything I’ve ever seen before in any other gym or personal training session. Every coach has their own style of music (which always gets you pumped), different ways of coaching, motivating and teaching you about movement.


If you’re struggling with diet and nutrition, recovery, an injury, or just want to train hard, they’ve got you covered.

Hands down, Innovative Results is the best place to train in Orange County, period.

Read Alex’s Full 5 Star IR Review on Yelp

  Visit Innovative Results’s profile on Pinterest.