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8 Things I Wish I’d Known About Health (Before I Learned the Hard Way)

resultsFrom Fitness Pros to Average Joe’s, health and fitness goals are not effortlessly achieved. What you eat DOES matter, your mindset DOES matter, there will be NO quick fixes and your goal WILL require effort.

The more specific the goal, the more attention we must pay to our body’s needs versus our minds wants, prepare for the highs & the lows (because yes there will be both), and keep our eye’s fixed on the end result.

We recently came across an article on MindBodyGreen titled “8 Things I Wish I’d Known About Health (Before I Learned The Hard Way)” that we have found relatable to our team at OC’s Fitness Playground as well as our family of clients. Enjoy!

Read Abigail Keeso’s “8 Things” on MindBodyGreen 


Adjusting the Intensity of Your Workouts to Produce Better Results

by Madison Murphy

2014-12-16 15.38.56These days the majority of gyms and workout programs seem to be focused on high intensity exercise.  The tougher the better, right?  Well, not always…

A good workout program assesses a members ability level and then crafts a plan to help them reach their goals.  High intensity work is not necessarily bad, but its not the only piece of the puzzle.   Ideally, people should learn proper movement, build a solid foundation and then move onto to more advanced or intense workouts.

How Does “Progression” Fit Into Our Workouts?

A progression is a training routine that emphasizes progress and improvement, in safe and effective steps.

For example, if you havent worked out for a few years, throwing a bar overhead and sprinting, is probably not the best way to get started.  Your body is not prepared for such advanced activities.

A better approach would be to assess your current strengths, weaknesses, movement patterns, mobility, conditioning level, etc and then design a program that slowly introduces movement back into your routine.  As you improve, we can add more volume and/or intensity to your program.

Below are some examples of how we walk people through this process at Innovative Results

2014-11-13 15.37.17-1#1 STABILITY WORK

Stability is the ability to maintain and control joint movement or position. Stability is important in everyday life and used almost all of the time. Just standing requires either conscious or subconscious control of the muscle of the core, legs and back. At Innovative Results we help our clients improve their stability by utilizing exercises that enforce proper movement patterns and challenge balance and coordination.  Over time, this can solidify weak links and teach proper technique before we add more intensity.

Some of these are:

  • Single leg drills
  • Plank Variations
  • Single Arm pushes/pulls
  • Balance work
  • Isometric work


2014-12-31 09.32.51-1Strength the ability to carry out work against a resistance... People can use their bodyweight, dumbbells, kettlebells, barbells, sandbags and other implements to develop more strength. Everyday actions are easier when one increases his/her muscular strength.

Common strength exercises include:

  • Pull ups
  • Presses
  • Deadlifts
  • Squats

Unlike a bodybuilding program the IR3 Progressions help to build functional strength. Functional strength helps get us through life and daily survival. Getting stronger in the deadlift, for example will help someone lift boxes, suitcases and children with greater ease. Our clients are prescribed strength training progressions and their progress is measured as they move toward their goals.


2014-12-01 08.36.21-2Power is the ability to apply high amounts of force in a short period of time.   Although it may be said that not everybody needs power, it is certainly useful for athletes and is actually helpful for everyone.

At Innovative Results we include power training in our progressions. From professional athletes such a MMA fighters, weekend warriors and ‘average Joe’s power is beneficial to functionality. Pulling your child out of the way of a speeding car or a shot-putter throwing with all his might, power is required to perform these actions quickly and forcefully.

Common power exercises include:

  • Sprinting
  • Jumping
  • Throwing

During our three week progressions at Innovative Results our client’s stability, strength,  and power is tested, measured and improved to enhance performance and monitor success.  We believe that designing a progression based on a variety of these aspects is the most effective way to attain positive results in the gym.  Some days are high intensity, some are low, allowing our clients to recover, improve and get better, not just tired.

Innovative Results is the premiere personal training gym in Costa Mesa, CA.  Their unique training programs and attention to detail has people all over Southern California raving about their results.

Focus on Improving 1%, and You Will Have All the Success You Desire

IR photos-020By: Aaron Guyett

If you are reading this, you are success-minded.

You are interested, intrigued, and focused on your own success and probably the success of those around you.

That is reason enough to stop now and celebrate!


Okay, now I will give you the 1% to success…

The reason you opened this email.

What will you do this next week to improve 1%?

How will you adjust your time, energy, focus, or money, so that you achieve the EXTREMELY HIGH level of 1% improvement?

Think about it.

If you improved your situation by 1% every week, where would you be in a month? (4.33% improved)

How about 6 months? (26% improved)

How about a year? (52% improved)

Wait…How about 5 years? (260% improved)

This is the all important:
-Dedication to the basics
-Diligent change and growth
-Focused intensity with hard work, and patient endurance


Maybe your still convinced that 1% is not enough.

Besides pointing out almost every New Year’s Resolution fail, and most of society’s burnt out attitude because of trying to do too much too soon…
…let me illustrate with three areas of life:

1. Weight Loss
2. Strength Gains
3. Financial Wealth

If 1% improvement in weight loss is only a half of a pound:

-1 month, you have lost 2 pounds
-6 months, you have lost 13 pounds
-1 year, you have lost 26 pounds!!
-5 years, you probably don’t even have 130 pounds to lose!!

If 1% improvement in strength is 5 pounds added to your 5 rep maximum of Hex-bar dead lifts.

-1 month, you have added 20 pounds to the bar.
-6 months, you have added 130 pounds to your 5 rep maximum.
-1 year, you are 260 pounds stronger
-5 years, you are now lifting most European cars (maxing out 1300 pounds over the start.

On the last two examples, there will be a point at which you may slow down, and then maintain, which opens up the possibility to pursue another slow and steady 1% goal…financial Wealth anyone?

If 1% improvement in financial wealth is investing $100 every week (email me for ideas to easily save $100 per week even if you are broke) into a consistently successful mutual fund earning a conservative 12%…(be prepared to be amazed)

be not afraid of going slow

-1 month you have $433.
-6 months you have $2600.
-1 year you have $5200.
-5 years you have $36,998.98 Whoa!!

*Bonus for extra patient endurance*
*30 years*
*You have earned $1,405,521.55.*
*You are now a millionaire, all you need is a little focus, patience, and time…*

So, the question is, what is your deepest need, want, and desire?

Now make your desire a weekly discipline, and you WILL succeed!

“It is our disciplines, not our desires, that determine our destiny.”

Make your next 1%, your BEST 1%!

Another week

25 Books for Your Summer Reading List

MLK_Jeff Climb







You’ve heard the saying “all great leaders are readers”?

If you are looking for “something” to contribute to your success in life then it’s time to pick up a book and start learning from some inspiring leaders!

Train your mind like you train your body.  Dean Bokhari is spot on stating,”Books are like training weights for the brain. And reading the right ones can provide you with powerful leadership lessons in a very short period of time.”

So if you are looking for some great summer reading material that will boost success in all aspects of your life, then it is time to check out these 25 POWER – HOUSE books.

Read the FULL list on PICK THE BRAIN now

Noel is Down 17lbs & Headed to USMC Boot Camp


Hello everyone, my name is Noel Jimenez, and I am 23 years old.

My journey at Innovative Results began back in October 23, 2014. I was first told about OC’s Fitness Playground by my recruiter. The recruiter had one of his enlistees attending Innovative Results and making really great changes and improvements through IR’s Training, and as a result; went to boot camp and is now a Marine in the United States Marine Corps.

At the time I was ok with just working out and using a treadmill/elliptical for my every day workouts at LA Fitness. I was no longer losing any weight and had plateau at192 pounds. I honestly didn’t believe I could drop, and reach my recommended weight of 165 to enlist and continue further. That first day at Innovative Results taught me one thing about myself; even though I had thought I had strength and mobility, I was wrong. All it took was the warm up of the workout to know just how weak I really was. I could not believe it, but continued to do the best I could.

As the workout progressed, not only did I struggle, but I had really bad form when executing movements. It was within that same workout that the coaches (Mark and Corey) kept checking on me to see if I was alright, and I was. During my first two workouts I got to talk a little more with Corey Beasley and Mark Elmasry about my goal for training at Innovative Results. Letting them know that I must drop weight to continue my enlistment; they told me I would have to talk to Aaron Guyett about setting a diet plan. Aaron Guyett is a Staff Sergeant in the United States Marine Corps. Knowing that, I knew there would be challenges to come.


I first met him(Aaron Guyett) on October 27, 2014. After that workout, I had a long talk about what was expected of me in order to succeed. One of those changes was a diet with absolutely no soft drinks or heavy sugars, strictly water. As well as no regular rice, tortillas, red meats, pork, and food made at home. It was a really rough start for me to give that all up and replace it with the “healthy stuff”. On top of that I was given a schedule to keep up with, if I wanted to get the best results. I had to do sprints known as 400’s(quarter mile sprints) on Tuesdays. Starting at 4 laps and every week it went up one more lap until I got to 12 laps and then reset back to 4. Every lap had to be timed, and that same time was the amount of rest I had to take in order to do the next lap. On Thursdays I would be at the USMC recruiting center to train with our recruiters, and on Saturdays every other week it would be a mile run that was to increase one more mile every other week until I hit 8 miles and the same went for a hike with weight(done on the week after the mile runs), increasing from 20-40 pounds once I got comfortable enough to go up in weight. On Monday, Wednesday, Friday I would be training at Innovative Results.noeljoshspiritrun

At first each lap on the 400’s would vary from 1:53 and up(no more than 2:05), a really slow time. My first mile run came in at 11:10 a slow time. Running/sprinting was one of my biggest challenges; I was never the type of person to go out, run or be active. From November to December, getting use to the diet and work out regiment was a bit too hard on me, but I kept my mind on why I must tough it out and continue moving forward. One of those ideas I kept in mind was if I’m not able to hack it, how would I ever hope to drop the weight and gain speed and strength. Towards the end of running miles or doing sprints I would be out of breath, but I continued to push myself through the pain knowing that it would benefit me in the long run.

Towards the halfway point of December I had just gotten use to the whole diet and workout regiments and lost ten pounds in two months. It definitely was helping, and I went from 192 to 182 in those two months at Innovative Results. As I continued to see improvement and major results I decided to go to Innovative Results Monday through Fridays from January to now (May 2015), while still doing the sprint and running regiment. By this time my body and aerobic capacity had gotten up to the point where I was able to do the sprints/runs after a workout at Innovative Results.

From late December 2014 to late February 2015; I did not go to the recruiting center to train with the recruiters, but continued to let my recruiter know that I am still in the game and have not given up; just bettering myself. Within that time frame I continued to do my workouts and sprints. Getting better at mobility, strength and speed. When I returned to the recruiting center in mid February (still as a guest) it had been close to three months since my last visit. I was just curious to see how running/sprinting, hiking, and Innovative Results had helped me.

It was no surprise, my first day back was a run uphill and downhill in Anaheim Hills; everything had improved a lot. Running/sprinting had given me more speed. Hiking had given me the leg power to go up and down the hills with ease. Innovative Results had helped me come down from 182 to 165, as well improve my mobility and strength to take on the exercises and plyometrics that were in store for those two hours of training. Not only did we do that hill up and down once, we took it on again and I was still fine. As a guest, I was able to keep up with the Marine Poolees and be right behind them. I’m not one to brag, but being one of few that was breathing calmly to others who were out of breath; I felt really great about myself. It was a great Thursday and only got better, my recruiter had asked me if I was ready to take the ASVAB, and the physical to follow; my heart raced, and I said Yes!

Knowing that I have been working so hard and continue to work hard to this day, I swore in on March 2, 2015 and was given my boot camp date of May 11, noelmarine2015. Two to three weeks after swearing in I had asked Aaron if there is anything I could do to better improve my strength and conditioning for boot camp and with just five weeks left he had given me an all new regiment. I stopped going to Innovative Results on Thursdays to attend PT at the recruiting center and Tuesdays became my mile split days and they always worked around three miles to improve my three mile run time for boot camp, but for Thursdays I had switched over to doing 400’s before going to PT. On Saturdays I still did my hikes, no longer doing the mile runs anymore because I have built up my aerobic capacity to run up to 8 miles. In addition to that I was also given a five set workout for Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at the end of every Innovative Results workout. At first it started off somewhat easy five sets of 6 pull ups, 12 push ups, and 24 crunches. As every week came by for the remaining weeks they increased in reps, and two days ago I finished my last of the progression sets: five sets of 13 pull ups, 26 push ups, and 52 crunches; toughest to pull off, and took almost an hour to finish.

All this self driven determination and help from all the wonderful coaches at Innovative Results, has helped me get to where I am today. From not being able to complete one pull up, barely finishing a mile; I now know that I can run my mile in 6:30(not 11:10), from no pull ups to being able to do 13 pull ups and an increased mobility and flexibility far better than when I first walked into Innovative Results. Thank you Nick, Mason, Corey, Mark, Aaron for all your coaching to getting me this far. Mark and Corey thank you for helping me when I had mobility issues and helping heal it. Thank you Aaron most of all for being the biggest motivator to helping improve my speed and strength. From sprinting 400’s in 1:53 to 1:08~1:14. To running miles under seven minutes. No amount of thanks could ever own up to how grateful I am for all the hard work and inspiration you have all given me. In boot camp I will continue to make “my next one, my BEST ONE!!!” Thank you!!!


Why Exercising Is a Higher Priority Than My Career

bornwith3“If exercise stops, then everything else will start falling apart” – Joshua Steimle

Just who is Joshua Steimle?

An entrepreneur,  a father, a friend and most likely YOU.

Mr. Steimle recently wrote an article for the TIME’s  discussing the “prevalent attitude among entrepreneurs that business, whatever that business is, comes first. It is the high priority that trumps everything else, including family, friends, and especially health.”

Maybe you are an entrepreneur, or maybe you are a mother, father and/or just work dang hard at your job.  The point is, it is easy for each of us to start to prioritize and make sacrifices that usually lead to a decline in our health.

Read Joshua Steimle’s full article at TIME

8 Ways To Get Out of Your Emotional Slump with Innovative Results

Even coaches and leaders get into emotional slumps…and I was in one recently–NOT COOL, and most definitely NOT GOOD if you have people that rely on you!

When in a slump, we must find what matters, and fight for it.

How did I know I was in a slump?

  • Getting up in the morning was a chore, and I didn’t become fully awake, alive, and energized until about 7am, which is THREE HOURS and 15 minutes INTO MY DAY!
  • I felt like I wasn’t productive or high-performing.
  • My training sets were barely finished, and lower performing than the earlier weeks.
  • I craved sugar, beer, wine, and crappy food.
  • Water sounded gross.
  • My time with God and relationships in life felt disconnected or disjointed.

Why did this happen to me?

Not the greatest question to ask in the middle of a slump, unless you want to play the victim, and spend more time in your slump. Taking responsibility for yourself and confronting the brutal facts is top priority if you are going to make it out.

I am not sure if it was because I was in an ethereal-spiritual-philosophical haze of having a brand new baby girl or not working for over a week (I still worked, but very little compared to my normal) or it was just my time to experience a low week or time…but I was down.

Here is what I do to help me pull out of the downward spirals (which have been known to happen to me about once every three months or so, and are much shorter lived than in my past):

  1. SmilingSmiling has been shown to change the state of a person by many studies that I have read and researched in a very small amount of time. This takes a choice and an action. Here is a great Innovative Results video on the power of a smile:
  2. Drinking enough waterToo many times I was down because of dehydration, only to realize that a few glasses of water, picked me back up to full speed again. Here is another Innovative Results video on hydration.
  3. Eating Healthy Foods, not Foods that my Stress DesiresI have a MAJOR sweet tooth (it is such a problem that my wife has to hide any sugar items if she wants to enjoy them in moderation, because she knows I will SMASH a whole bucket of sugary stuff at night to satiate my horrible cravings). Eating junk foods: anything that comes in a box, bag, or is ordered through an electrical communication device is not going to pull you out of your emotionalor energy slumber. It is going to crank you up into a euphoric cloud, and then drop you deeper than you were before. CHOOSE FOODS THAT GOD MADE, and if man has messed with them RUN AWAY!! Here is an Innovative Results video on meal preparation and nutrition:
  4. Prayer and MeditationIn my personal experience, I have felt relief by handing over the issues to a power greater than me. I have also read many studies and books in my Masters on leadership Studies that displayed empirical studies and experiential observations that prayer and meditation helped the individual in their spiritual, physical, mental and emotional states. Here is an Innovative Results video on thankfulness and breathing, which can be both prayer and meditation:
  5. A little bit of daily exercise goes a long wayAgain, too many studies have proven that this is one of the BEST ways to FEEL BETTER! Here is an Innovative Results video with an exercise you can do anywhere, and you will feel better afterward:
  6. Daily Affirmation, Scripture Memory, Direction, and Vision Board DailyEven when I am bored with it, or bummed out. I have heard it said, that ‘grace cannot be earned, but it is not opposed to effort.’ By Dallas Willard, and I think the individual plays a major role in what happens to us in this amazing Universe, despite your belief system. Here is an Innovative Results video for your success, where we share our belief in you:
  7. Relationship with God and Others Renewed- An planned intimate venture with the one’s you love, or the one’s that love you can really help carry you out of your hole, and give you a breath of life! Here is an Innovative Results video, where we share our appreciation for our relationship with you:
  8. Simplify- Just take one moment or task at a time. The last steps out of my slump, was repeating to myself, “I can. I will. I must.” “Just do one task.” and “I can do all things through Christ that gives me strength.” Phil 4:13 These three simple phrases, helped me to two simple things (get rid of all the dirt that was in my backyard, and write an email). Here is an Innovative Results video where we show you how simply improving your posture has HUGE implications in the improvement of your mood and motivation:

Afterwards, I felt the grip of dark emotions and slowed energy lift from me, and become replaced with what I describe as my high normal (feeling awake, alive, and energized…fully capable, competent, and confident…READY TO SMASH…Ready to LIVE!…READY TO SERVE…Joyfully praising through my life’s purpose.

I believe that every slump and down part of our life has much to teach us, just like failure and winning has much to teach us as well.

If you have read and watched your way to the end of this article, I hope you already feel better, and I am looking forward to fighting the good fight with you this day, week, and life!!

May your mood be lifted, your dreams be tangible, your actions be swift, and your days be blessed beyond belief!

Make your next one, your best one!

Aaron Guyett

Founder, Co-owner, and Coach

Innovative Results has been voted #1 personal trainers and gym in Orange County, CA.

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Experience the Transformation of Yoga at Innovative Results

As of April 2015, Innovative Results now offers Yoga at the Orange County Fitness Playground.


Innovative Results and our dedicated team is here to bring you an Improve Quality of Life, and if you are committing to a positive transformation so shall we!yoga5

Meet the newest member of our IR Team, and YOUR IR Yoga Instructor, Aubrie Pohl!

A profound self-transformation begins to conjure from within when we take diligent action towards our bodies’ health. We learn that it goes beyond stretching or performing exercises, goes deeper than the external aesthetics. These movements manifest an internal cultivation, a commitment to improve our quality of life. Through Innovative Results and yoga, we experience the external and anatomical effects, as well as internal physiological and psychological effect of the trainings and practice. Yoga is a powerful tool to liberate us from where we are restricted- in body, mind, and heart- to experience life in the most organic and whole way. How do we find such great transformation in what may look like moving the body into unusual positions? By experiencing life with a deeper awareness. We introduce mindfulness into our lives; the active participation of every movement, every thought. We steady our breath to steady our thoughts, and feel the sensations throughout our body. Yoga moves the human body in a detailed manner to create movement in the fascia, length in the muscles, and balance. We experience balance between joint stability and mobility, between muscle contraction and relaxation, and balance between the left and right sides of the body. Once we start to create that balance inside the body, by default, we create that balance outside the body. The path of yoga goes beyond the physical postures, its a chance to meet your body where it is each day without judgment, to take the right steps in the right direction. We learn to embrace the flow of progress and focus on enjoying each experience as part of the bigger journey.

Every person is unique, and due to our individual anatomy and physiological history, different movements compliment the different skeletal variations. Innovative Results and yoga introduce a progressive structure, accessible at any level, and appealing to anyone with a desire to improve the quality of their life. They are movement systems designed to help people improve strength, flexibility, coordination, mobility, and body control. Through a playful exploration of movement available in the human system we create an intimate relationship with ourselves. Every posture or exercise is an opportunity to grow a deep level of awareness throughout your body, to feel the mind to muscle connection. The more you scan your body, the better you will become at it, and you can start to recognize when something is out of balance. If any muscle is weak or tight it will affect the body segment to which they connect. Each joint is related to other joints and if one has a problem operating its functions, this will affect the functions of adjacent joints. At Innovative Results and during Yoga practice, we touch the entire body from the head to the foot, from the right to the left, without leaving any part out. The reason we emphasize movement exploration, strength, mobility, and body control is for the application to daily activities. If there is fascial restriction in the shoulders, you’ll have a difficult time reaching overhead to get something from a shelf. If you aren’t flexible enough to touch your toes, it will be difficult to bend down and tie your shoes. By progressively moving through our optimal range of motion and with patience to take one step at a time, we will create a foundation that can positively affect our health, prevent injuries, and heal our bodies. Innovative Results and yoga greatly compliment each other, adding strength to stretch and stretch to strength, allowing us to look better, feel better, and move better to reach our potential

Join Aubrie and the IR Team:

Tuesdays at 11:00 am
Fridays at 8:00 pm

Drop-In Rates
$10 for IR Clients (Starting 5/1/2015)
$20 for Non-IR Clients
*Unlimited Classes and Packages are available by request*