21 Low-Carb Ways to Enjoy Dinner Tonight

Even-fruit-tastes-good-lettuce-wrapsBeat the bread and enjoy a little more of the FRESH crunch of these leafy greens!

Lettuce, chard, kale and collard greens are more than salad ingredients, or a means garnishing your plate for extra flare.  Up your nutrient intake and drop the heavy carbs by using one of these great bread alternatives in your next meal.  It’s time to start wrapping your meals at home or for a tasty meal on the go!

POPSUGAR Fitness lined up 21 low-carb ways for you to enjoy your next meal!

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A Life Hack: Rest More to Accomplish More

By Aubrie Pohl

You can feel the combination of motivation and your vision magnetizing you, pulling you toward your goal just as it is being drawn towards you.

You create a schedule, and set intention to the tasks you will accomplish to reach that goal.

Every day, you take the right steps in the right direction.

Training more, moving more, you feel the diligent effort adding up, allowing you to move better, look better, and feel better.

Then suddenly, fatigue sets in.

Your muscles grow weary, your mind becomes dull and you become perplexed about what happened.

Despite valiant effort to reach your greatest potential, the wisdom of your body was gently reminding you that you need to rest.

Put the Pep Back in your Step

In our lives we are often on the run and may not notice when our energy becomes drained.

Keeping your inner vision focused and following the path towards it undoubtedly displays integrity, but it can’t be sustained unless you nurture yourself.

If we go beyond our limits, we actually use more energy than we have and, essentially, operate on a deficit.

By using just a couple techniques for rest, we access powerful tools for revitalizing our bodies.

Stress Won’t Let You Rest!

Stress is one of the most debilitating and widespread conditions present in the world.

In fact, it is so common that we think it is normal.

Within the elaborate system of our bodies, our stress response evolved and developed as a survival mechanism during life-threatening situations.

However, nowadays humans are getting stressed about EVERYTHING.

Manifesting justifications to get stressed about situations or experiences, stress can hold you back in all aspects of life.

The body responds by slowing down digestion, suppressing the immune system, and causing a ruckus in the system, which will definitely prevent you from rest!

There’s good news!

The stress we commonly see is a fallacy, it is an irrational feeling, and you can manage stress into a tool that makes you stronger.

You can reduce the stress you experience through mindfulness of your thoughts and feelings, knowing that at any moment you are capable of relaxing.

Learning methods such as yoga and meditation will allow you to master your emotions and improve stress handling abilities.

[By the way, I teach yoga at Innovative Results! Tuesday & Wednesday at 11am, Thursday & Friday at 8pm :)]

Every individual is different, but finding a method to liberate from stress will in turn allow you to experience the rest you need.

Essential Slumber

When our lives become busy, sleep tends to be one of the first things we sacrifice.

We get caught up in the idea that by doing more we will get more done, so we stay up later and sleep less.

Decreasing an hour or two of slumber so we can increase our task list, and then we increase our caffeine intake to manipulate the body’s energy levels.

However, it is during sleep where the body revitalizes itself.

Sleep is as vital to sustaining a healthy, energetic life as eating, drinking, and breathing!

A night of ample sleep is a potent energizer, fostering a healthy body and a vibrant mind.

On the contrary, a lack of sleep creates a sluggish body and a foggy mind.

Give yourself the gift of a restful night and experience yourself feeling more refreshed, attentive, and ready for life’s challenges so you can live your full potential.

Knowing when to rest is as important as the work we do.

Today by seeking rest, you can rejuvenate yourself and improve your quality of life.

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The Benefits of Good Posture [Video]

We hear it from a young age, your mom at the dinner table, dad, grandparents or maybe even teachers, telling you to “stand-up straight,” and/or “don’t slouch.”

Well they’re right!

For one, it doesn’t present your BEST self from an appearance stand-point, but how about your physiology?

The all too common side effects of poor posture that may start as minor aches and pains, can soon negatively affect  your internal organs!  The dreaded “C’s” of the car, computer, couch, and cellphone are turning us all into what IR clients know as the “Human Cashew” causing simple body/muscle movements to become more difficult or worse more painful!

The great news is that poor posture can be fixed, and so can the ailments that come with it.

View the FULL Benefits of Good Posture lesson from the TED-ED YouTube Channel, then follow up with some great IR articles on reversing poor posture below!

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Kettlebell Sport – The IR Team Swings for Gold

2015 Northern California Open

With Kettlebell (Giveroy) Sport quickly on the rise to mainstream popularity, the IR Family is making their presence known from the very beginning!

As the host for The California Open Kettlebell Sport Lifting Championship, OC’s Fitness Playground has become a destination for competitors across the globe bringing in people from all over the United States, Russia, Brazil, Australia, and Japan (just to name a few).

So, just how does Orange County’s very own lifters hold up against the competition? I’d say they’ve fared pretty dang well, check it out!

Photo Courtesy of Steve Burroughs
Aaron Guyett, 32kg Nationals (Chicago, IL)

After claiming the American Record in Men’s Amateur Biathlon in 2014, IR owner Aaron Guyett took on Men’s Professional Long Cycle at the 2015 California Open yielding 53 reps with 32kg kettlbells. This showing tallied Aaron  as the highest USA coefficient lifter sending him on the road the the IUKL World Championship in Ireland this November, but first, CHICAGO.

Aaron Guyett's Winnings from Nationals

Just last month (July 2015), Aaron traveled to Nationals in Chicago to punch his ticket to the IUKL World Championship. Returning to Biathlon in the Men’s Professional Division, Aaron took 1st in the 85kg weight category with 32kg bells, earning him a place on Team USA and the opportunity to compete at Worlds’ in Dublin, Ireland (November 2015).

The week after Aaron’s return from Chicago, 5 members of IR’s Kettlebell Crew headed up north to take their platforms at the 2015 Northern California Open. Let’s see how they did!

FullSizeRender (1)
Margaret Fajardo, 12kg Long Cycle.

Margaret Fajardo

Lift – One Arm Long Cycle (10 minutes)
Kettlebell – 12kg
Rep Count – 78
2 – Time Competitor (California Open 2015 , Northern California Open 2015)



Photo courtesy of NAZO Foto
Madison Murphy, 16kg Long Cycle. Photo courtesy of NAZO Foto

Madison Murphy

Lift – One Arm Long Cycle (10 minutes)
Kettlebell – 16kg
Rep Count – 83
1st – Time Competitor (Northern California Open)




Eric Berringer 24kg Jerk. Photo courtesy of OKC & NAZO Foto.
Eric Berringer, 24kg Jerk. Photo courtesy of OKC & NAZO Foto.

Eric Berringer

Lift – Biathlon (10 minutes of each Snatch, Jerk)
Kettlebell – 24kg
Rep Count – 50 (Jerk), 102 (Snatch) for a total score of 101 points
5 – Time Competitor (California Open 2013, 2014, 2015 and Northern California Open 2014, 2015)



Harrel Carman 32kg Long Cycle. Photo courtesy of NAZO Foto.
Harrel Carman, 32kg Long Cycle. Photo courtesy of NAZO Foto.

Harrel Carman

Lift – Two Arm Long Cycle (10 minutes)
Kettlebell – 32kg
Rep Count – 20
5 Time Competitor (California Open 2013 (snatch), 2014, 2015 and Northern California Open 2014, 2015)




Jessica Ciske 20kg Long Cycle. Photo courtesy of NAZO Foto.
Jessica Ciske 20kg Long Cycle. Photo courtesy of NAZO Foto.

Jessica Ciske

Lift – One Arm Long Cycle (10 minutes)
Kettlebell – 20kg
Rep Count – 50
3 Time Competitor (California Open 2014, Northern California Open 2014, 2015)




IR is will be continuing to add to the IR Kettlebell Crew as they begin training for the 2016 California Open Kettlebell Sport Lifting Championship this February. If you are interested in learning more about kettlebell sport, or joining the IR Kettlebell Crew you can contact Aaron Guyett at 866.243.4472 or email aguyett@innovative-results.com.

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17 Scientifically Proven Ways to Speed Recovery

IMG_0467Who wouldn’t want to recover faster?!

We’ve got fitness goals and we are looking for results – but be aware that your RECOVERY will dramatically impact those results whether you are allowing for too little or possibly too much.

David Tao over at Greatist recently put together a list of 17 Scientifically Proven Ways to Speed Recovery, and the IR Team could not agree more!

Stop dealing with fatigue and soreness, and start HELPING your body look better, feel better, and move better.

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‘Diligence IS the Mother of Good Fortune’ & Goal Crushing

2014-12-16 15.38.56“Diligence is the mother of good fortune, and idleness, its opposite, never brought a man to the goal of any of his best wishes.”
– Miguel De Cervantes

‘Good fortune’, more like GREAT in the case of this IR Family Member!

Hey IR Team,

Thanks for the call yesterday, I appreciate you checking in on me. Wow, so stoked to be back today and get the sweat on – I was actually looking forward to it (well maybe not so much the versa climber after the leg workout). I was fearing the weigh in as I expected negative results from living the vacation life for 8 days. I was super stoked to get down to 200.4 the day before I left, and was not looking forward to going the wrong way. I got on twice to double check, but I hit 199.7 both times. That means I cut over 25 lbs in 5 months, big change and I feel great. I know it’s not all about weight #’s, but it is definitely motivation and quantifies the hard work put in.

I appreciate everything you do and all the inspirational things you pass on. You have great team, but it will be good to do some IR lead workouts again. I’m looking forward to next week and the next 5 months brother. Thanks for making me even sexier, didn’t think it was possible.


IR Client and Family Member

10 Months Down – Aaron Continues to Improve the Quality of his Life

Dear Aaron and Corey,AaronLove_Mtn 

It’s been 10 months now that I’ve been working out at Innovative Results and I wanted to thank you guys again for all that you have done for me.

In the past 10 months my sciatica pain has ceased and stayed away, all while I have increased my leg strength and my mobility in my legs. I’ve hiked mountains that I only dreamed about doing, and I have even ran miles (when I avoided running even as a teen).


I have noticed that my conditioning over the past ten months has increased to a level that I wouldn’t have imagined when I first walked into the doors at Innovative Results. I enjoy your challenging workouts and the progressions that accompany the workouts making me stronger daily. I’ve been able to do 10 straight pull-ups, when I wasn’t able to do 1 when I started at Innovative Results.

Your coaches are top notch and constantly providing me constructive feedback to ensure that I don’t hurt myself while working out.

Thank you guys for all that you have done for me.AaronLove_waterfall

Aaron Lieberman

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Food IS Fuel

Nutritional Nourishment By: Aubrie Pohlkid stuffing face

At its simplest, food is fuel.

Your body is so amazing that it is able to break down that food into its macronutrients and micronutrients, and then reassemble those into your cells and provide you with the energy that enables you to grow and thrive towards your greatest potential.

However, there is a catch…

Your body is only as amazing as the material it has to work with.

The quality of the food you put into your amazing body has a huge impact on your health!

What we eat and drink can have a powerful effect on our ability to perform, our mental clarity, and stress levels.

Since food fuels bodily processes, it makes sense that nutrient dense food encourages optimal overall function.

…. But there is a mass epidemic in our country.

A disconnection of the correlation between food and health.

The “Standard American Diet”, also known as SAD…. is sad!!

It’s a diet high in processed foods, high in cholesterol and saturated fats, rich in animal proteins and fats, and low in fiber, complex carbohydrates, and vegetables.

Our portion distortion and love affair with calories is critically short of many nutrients our bodies need to function properly.

However, a simple change in diet can create a profoundly positive impact on our physical and mental functioning.

Eat less crap

Your Body is Your Nutritionist

Before the advent of our industrialized food system, a convenience culture with more care about sales than sustenance, we learned proper nutrition by being in tune with our satiety levels and sane food habits.

We are currently living in a paradox of health.

Never before have Americans had more awareness of health and nutrition… and never have we been unhealthier.

With a pandemonium of information constantly contradicting one another, it’s easy to get overwhelmed.

Our appetite intuition has been replaced with food labels, apps, book, blogs, and diet crazes stating what foods should or shouldn’t be consumed!

So we seek knowledge of nutrition not by listening to our bodies but by listening to what the media says.

We aren’t paying attention to how we feel, but to how many calories we are eating.

We are relying more on abstract ideas that our intuitive wisdom.

What to Eat?Your body loves you

Every body is different.

We all have different genetics and different dietary requirements.

Some foods will impair functioning and drain your energy while others will allow you to prosper and flourish.

Many of us are too distracted by daily affairs to bring awareness to the effects of certain foods in our system.

A balanced, natural diet full of whole foods is without a doubt filled with the macronutrients and micronutrients to support physical and mental functioning to enjoy robust health and feel satisfied.

The macronutrients are the energy-giving components of foods; the carbs, proteins, and fats.

The micronutrients are the essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants to give you proper nourishment.

Eat foods with no labels.

Shop only around the perimeter of the grocery store.

Eat without distractions and notice how certain foods make you feel.

If you see a food that is not something your great-grandparents ate when they were young, disregard it.

Drink water all day, every day.

The nutritional components in food power both the body and mind.

Appreciate every bite, every morsel, and learn to trust your body’s signal that it’s nourished.

After all, a healthy outside starts from the inside.


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The Keys to Your BEST LIFE

By Aaron GuyettIMG_20150701_194013

We are free to make whatever choices we decide, but we are not free from their consequences.

It is our choices that hold the keys to our best life.

Whether it is faith, love, fitness, or feelings, we have much more choice than we think.

Sure there are a lot of things we don’t control, like weather, how other people see us, geo-political climate, and what other people decide, but we control our choice.

That is one of the greatest powers we own, but there are many of us, that have chosen to be the victim.

They have decided to blame the things that happen to them, the way they feel, their lot in life on everybody and everything that happens to them, instead of doing the hard yet rewarding work of taking responsibility for their thoughts, actions, words, and choices.

This is why Innovative Results has adopted the “Next one, best one.” Mantra. We understand that if we make the best choices we can with what we are given, and deliver our very best in each of those choices, they will turn into our best skills, and those skills will turn into our best habits, and those habits will become our best character, improving our quality of life.

Best Choicesblog-consequences
Best Skills,
Which become
Best Habits,
Which become
Best Character,
Which becomes
Your Life.

Once I understood this concept, I began to see it everywhere in my life.

I see it in all of my relationships.
I see it at work.
I see it in my marriage.
I see it in my family.
I see it in my community

Most of the time, people are looking to blame their misfortune on others or on things out of their control, yet they have no problem staking claim to any bit of success they experience.

Do you see the flaw in the formula?

There is a fundamental flaw in the formula that states everything bad is not my fault, but everything good is all me!

The flaw is a lack of responsibility for the consequences of one’s choices.

Let’s look at marriage.IMG_20141127_124946

When I was dating my wife, there was fireworks! Everything was AWESOME!! (Que the Lego Movie theme song)

For the first few years together, we could do no wrong, but when the romance wore off, I noticed every white spot on the mirror, missing sock in my drawer, and all the other issues I was blind to because of romantic love.

When romance wears off, do we blame the other person or the situation or the things in our lives for the love that is slipping away? (I have done this and I know many of you have done this as well)

But the hard truth is… No.

It isn’t her fault, any more than it is the white speck on the mirror’s fault.

If I want to experience love, I MUST CHOOSE LOVE!

If you want to experience anything worthwhile you must choose it!

Love is a Choice.keep-calm-you-get-what-you-give
Beliefs about people are a Choice.
Beliefs, period, are a Choice.
Faith is a Choice.
Patience is a Choice.
Hard Work is a Choice.
Focus is a Choice.
Health is a Choice.
Fitness is a Choice.
We Decide.

Either I choose love, or I decide to not choose love—every day.

Anything worthwhile will come with a difficult choices, and a very REWARDING CONSEQUENCE.

After choosing something like love after the romance wears off, there are things we must believe, do, think, and have faith in, in order for it to work.

To build the character of a loving husband, I am going to have to proceed with effort and discipline:
• I am going to have to focus on my wife, and meet her needs emotionally and physically.
• I am going to have to believe the best about her in all that she is saying and doing.
• I am going to need faith that she will reciprocate this love on some level or another.
• I am going to need patience when she does not meet my expectations (communicated or not).
• I am going to have to work hard, and even fight for our love and marriage when times get tough.
• I am going to need to be healthy, fit, and clean for her, as a sign of respect and physical love.
• I am going to need to do all of this consistently and intentionally, so she trusts me.

When all of the above is done well, we call that diligence toward love.

The awesome part is that we can do this in any area of our life.

Fitness, Health, Nutrition, Business, Finances, Emotions, Relationships, Faith, Love or Beliefs.

We have more power than most of us choose.
**Be Warned: Once you choose to take responsibility for your choices you may experience happiness, contentment, success, and all other consequences that come with your choices.

Again, Here are the keys to your BEST LIFE:
• What are you choosing today for your best life?
• What do you need to focus on for your best life?
• What beliefs do you need to have your best life?
• What do you need to have faith in for your best life?
• What do you need to work hard at in order to realize your best life?
• What do you need to have patience with in order to realize your best life?


Now diligently pursue your best life every day in every way that you have given yourself the power to do by answering the above questions.

Your diligent hard work, focused intensity, and patient endurance will be rewarded.

Next one, best one!

Motivation: The Three Steps to Success

By Madison Murphy

Motivation is such an important part of everything we do. Whether it’s getting out of bed in the morning or working out, there’s something inside that motivates you. At Innovative Results we break motivation into three parts: present self, goals, and reason.


Present Self is an honest evaluation of yourself right now which includes
• Body measurements
• Fitness measurements
• Athletic measurements
• Mindset

How are you right now? Be honest but not judgmental. You have already evaluated yourself, at least somewhat, and decided to improve you quality of life by coming to Innovative Results. Motivation starts by evaluating your Present Self.

Goals are an awesome way to get motivated. They give you something to constantly work towards and look forward to. At IR we make S.M.A.R.T goals:
• Specific810 step
• Measurable
• Attainable
• Realistic
• Time Bound

You set goals after you honestly evaluate yourself presently to keep working hard and stay motivated. If you set goals and determine to reach them, then you accomplish what you are striving for.

Reasons are why you want to accomplish the goals you set. It’s important to have reasons why you want to achieve your goals to be clear that you really want what you say you want. Some of the reasons why people are motivated to train at IR are:
• Improved quality of life
• Increased fitness
• Increased functional strength
• Reduction of weight/body fat

While it may seem that motivation is term that is hard to define, by dividing it into three sub parts, it becomes much clearer. Knowing that: Present Self, Goals and Reasons are all components of motivation gives you tools to accomplish your goals.

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