Consistency and "Personalized" Routines have helped Vishal Lose 63lbs



You may remember Vishal from an IR Blog Post back in April 2012, “Two Years and Counting, Vishal continues to see FINTESS RESULTS.”

A short 7 months later (November 2012), Vishal completed his 1st ever Half Marathon and as stated before ‘continues to see FITNESS RESULTS’ at Innovative Results.


Here is Vishals’ Update:

The problem with personal trainers at gym’s like 24 Hour Fitness and LA Fitness is that they seem to give you the same workout that they give to all of their clients. This in itself seems to defeat the purpose of it being called “personal” training. What I have found to hold true for Innovative Results is that the core concept of personal training being “personal” holds true for myself and every other client I have seen at the gym. My goals and personal challenges are not the same as any other client. My trainer Jeff DeRitter recognizes that and truly personalizes the experience. Whether I want to prepare myself for various physical challenges, prepare myself for an active trip abroad, or simply lose weight and become generally more fit, Jeff has helped me get to my goals.

Jeff’s ability to create unique and customize training regimens to suit my specific needs is is something I will never take for granted. Even when I have been hampered by injuries, slowed down by lack of sleep, or limited by other various constraints Jeff has been able to adapt to the situation and present me with alternative training methods to keep me motivated. I cannot stress enough how much I value the experience and benefits of continually being a member of the Innovative Results Family (and yes it is truly like being part of a family). Without the training methods provided I can assure you that I would not be as fit as I am today.

While all of what I have said thus far has been subjective I present to you the irrefutable objective facts.

Vishal LB half marathon
Total weight loss 63 lbs.
Decrease in waist 5 inches (38in. to 33in.).
Decrease in shirt size from XL to M.


Challenges I have completed:
20+ minutes of battling rope.
Tough Mudder San Bernadino (~12 miles, 21 obstacles in 3:25).
Long Beach Half Marathon (13.1miles 2:07).


Lab Results :
LDL (Bad Cholesterol): 70 (<100 ATPIII recommendation for “optimal”)
HDL (Good Cholesterol): 65 (>60 ATPIII recommendation for “optimal”)



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