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Charlton Bilow hands out 5 Stars on Yelp!    


Month 1 – Having worked out on my own and plateaued for 4 months, I finally broke my personal record weight dropping from 207 to 200 (I’m 6′ 2″). I lifted my personal best weight when I went back to a regular gym, previously 160lbs then 180lbs.
Month 5 – My body fat has not increased at all, but I’ve added 6 pounds OF MUSCLE! I’m excited. I’ve increased my workout this month from 1 time a day 4 times a week to 2x a day 5 days a week. I feel fit, energetic and I see big results.

–The Environment–
First and foremost, I’ve been able to stay motivated to come more often because it’s never the same workout. Going twice a day could sound boring, but it doesn’t get boring for me because it’s so fun. Sometimes the workout is a game both physically and psychologically.

The plan that Aaron puts his “Warriors” on is very comprehensive, not just physical, but very mental as well. I rarely see a trainer who puts emphasis on your entire lifestyle (ie. goal setting, affirmations statements, reading certain books, etc.)

The equipment is all unique compared to a typical gym. The varieties of exercises keep the workout new every day.

Everyone is friendly and encouraging. Just after 3 months, they’re almost like good friends.

–The Training–
Aaron, the owner and trainer of “Warrior Training”, is always attentive to form and recovery. Many of my trainers in the past at other locations haven’t been too attentive to recovery. By learning proper recovery methods, I’ve been able to push myself more without feeling too sore, but still experience muscle growth. We’ve learned how to properly massage our muscles, what nutrition helps heal muscle faster and which stretches are most effective.

All the trainers explain how to do the workout properly and take the time to educate you on what muscles they’re having you workout and why.

Some other reviews say they only train cardio. That’s ridiculous in my opinion. There’s extensive time spent teaching us about the three energy systems: Aerobic, Lactic and Alactic. Typically we cycle through one energy  system per workout. “Cardio” or Aerobic workout (almost no rest low intensity) is only 1/3 workouts as it should be. The training sometimes does lean a little more on the lactic energy system (balanced medium intensity and short rest), but there’s always a good mix of alactic (high intensity, long rest)

You can tell they teach a lot based on what I wrote only in this section. When I can no longer train here, I know I’ll still do well.

–The Trainers–
As far as I know, there are 4 core trainers: Aaron, Tara, Amanda and Jeff. They all have very different styles as they all occasionally fill in when I’m with the “Warriors”. I think they all do a great job, although I’ve never trained with Amanda. She has her Bachelor’s degree in Nutrition, so I’ve learned a lot from her with all my nutritional questions. I understand she’s working on her Master’s degree.


Charlton has since departed Innovative Results to take on an incredible new job opportunity!


You can read more about his successes at Innovative Results on his blog post –



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