Karen Dahl is Down 10lbs and 4 Dress Sizes in 29 Days

Karen Dahl – 29 DAYS TO SUCCESS!!!

Snapshot of Karen’s transformation:
Lost 10 lbs. in one month
Dropped from size 12 to 8
Totally energized
Joined a 12-mile hike with an advanced team of athletes


Karen joined Innovative Results in February 2012 and is reaping the benefits!


Here is Karen’s Story:

Who says age is not a factor? It was for me.  I had already decided to join Weight Watchers to lose weight because my previous workout plan alone wasn’t giving me results. I used to cycle twice a week and jog once or twice a week around 2 to 4 miles, feeling completely exhausted. Cardio used to keep me in shape and I could eat – in moderation – pretty much anything I wanted.  About a year ago, I started piling up the pounds although my diet remained the same and my workout also pretty much the same.  Six months later, I worked out even less because I was discouraged and lost energy. I went from a size 4 to a size 10, sometimes 12, in one year. I went to the doctor believing I had hormonal problems, but my doctor said the usual: “You’re just getting older.” It’s true, my mom may have not looked like me at my age but I was still feeling the weight of my forties. I could not figure out what the problem was since I was doing everything right!

My biggest accomplishment at Innovative Results in the last 29 days is the energy surge I get from the short but intense workouts, the loss of weight from 160 pounds to 150 pounds in just one month without going through IR’s detox plan, the relaxing nights of deep sleep, the waking up to a trimmer and leaner physique, fitting into a size 8, and the best part was that I was able to join and keep up with an advanced team of athletes on a 12-mile hike on Pacifico Mountain – when it was my first time hiking, EVER! It’s been a life changing experience. I am in the same physical condition as a marathon runner, a regular kick-boxer and a yoga instructor, who hike on a regular basis. I feel much stronger, happier, more balanced and I am having fun while working out without having to kill myself with cardio. Amazingly, it was all done in one month! I am also venturing out and trying new things because I feel capable of taking on the challenge. Age has been a factor on my body and I now realize that I did need innovative techniques for better results! I have decided to continue my workouts and can’t wait until I reach my goals!  Thank you, Aaron, and the IR team!


Thank YOU Karen!!


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    Karen! You are an incredible example to all of the people who want to join IR, but aren't sure if it is too much…You proved to yourself that you are stronger than you thought. I am proud of your continued progress, Karen, and so is the rest of the evening class!

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