IR's MMA Strength and Conditioning Works, Period – 10+ medals and a World Title in the last 60 days

Innovative Results has become the place for MMA/combat athletes to get stronger, more powerful and in top shape.  The results speak for themselves!  In the past 60 days our athletes have compiled over 10 medals/belts in Grapplers X, US Nationals for BJJ, TPF, World Pankration Tournament and other local events.  Check out some of these great shots:

TPF Champ and #1 ranked 125lb fighter in the world, Ian McCall
Brett 1st place!

Jeremiah and Bao coming home with Gold!
Vinh got 3rd at World Pankration Tournament in Serbia!
Carla, taking home the gold at US Nationals!

Spencer brought home the Gold in no gi from US Nationals
Jeremiah picked up a "W" in a recent MMA fight!

We’ve got World’s coming up and several big MMA fights, so be on the lookout for more success from the IR team!  Bellator, title defenses, World BJJ tourny and more…gonna be a great finish to an incredible year!!


  1. Bobbi Benski says

    Stories about such great success just make me want to work harder for my own success. Thanks for being inspiration guys!

  2. says

    So stoked on all of these guys for being such BEASTS!! I get to workout with them every day and see how they put 100% in to their training and clearly get 100% out.

  3. says

    So stoked on all of these guys for being such BEASTS!! I get to workout with them every day and see how they put 100% in to their training and clearly get 100% out.

  4. Catherine says

    Even though I have my black belt in tae kwon do, I don’t know much or anything about MMA fighting, but what I know just from seeing a handful of fights and training sessions, it’s definitely one of the most tiring sports out there. All fighters have amazing training mindsets that are definitely inspiring.

  5. Nicholas Tsutsui says

    I have been a fan of MMA since middle school, if I ever see these athletes in person it’s going to be hard to act decently cool. Seeing the athletes train in facilities that look like IR through the years in videos was always something I wanted to be a part of when I grew up. MMA as of today shows that strength and conditioning is a basic necessity as all top fighters are high level athletes as well as precise fighting technicians. There are very few other sports more physically demanding than MMA which is why an efficient training system is crucial to build a prepared fighter.

  6. Alexis Vargas says

    Its crazy to see how far some of these people are now. To see them work so hard and consistently is awesome. Its inspiring to see how far hard work will really take you.

  7. Eligio Arana says

    It is an honor to witness these great athletes work hard to earn and be where they are today it is very inspiring to see them train in ways not many can handle but is very rewarding when they are at the top of their game

  8. Matthew Ferreira says

    Innovative Results makes it great for all! Its awesome that you can come and train in a facility with high level athletes and still come and get the same one on one attention they give fighters!

  9. Aubrie Pohl says

    This is another example of the tremendous value of Innovative Results. MMA athletes are incredibly fit, and this is proof that advanced athletes honor the strength and conditioning at IR, because it works!

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