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When it comes to the pursuit of a healthy lifestyle, the experts you look to for support should be more committed to giving you results than boosting their profits. But for too long many in our industry have avoided accountability and broken their commitment to ensuring clients reach their health goals. Add to this the skyrocketing expense of personal training, and many individuals not only dismiss the potential of fitness to transform their lives, they also believe they are simply unable to afford a healthy life. We aim to change that. No matter your financial, physical, or emotional hurdles to fitness, Innovative Results can help you attain a healthier, happier, and stress-free lifestyle.

Finding a Good Personal Trainer Can Be Tough

Our name itself is intended to communicate the new and innovative way in which we conduct the business of fitness and training. Our creative workouts remove the boring, monotonous, and plateau-reaching routines that plague many fitness services, and utilize dynamic methods to help clients reach their goals. Whether you’re a professional athlete, post-surgical or physical therapy patient, a doctor, a lawyer, a soccer mom, or anyone looking to live a healthy lifestyle, Innovative Results delivers what you want most…Results!

When You Hire a Personal Trainer Are They Focused On Your Goals?

Innovative Results was established to empower everybody to realize health, wellness, and peak performance. We carry out this mission with a genuine caring for our clients, happiness in what we do, abundance in service, and an enduring love of fitness. Our programs address all areas of health and wellness, including exercise, proper nutrition and the keys to living a healthy lifestyle. We provide our clients with the guidance, tools, and support that enable them to surpass their individual fitness and wellness goals. It’s an all-inclusive and creative approach that helps clients continually improve, avoid plateaus and ensure long-term success.

Our Personal Trainers are Dedicated to Your Success

In addition to holding academic degrees in the exercise sciences and being nationally-certified, our team of personal trainers enjoy over forty years experience in the fitness industries. They are certified through RTS, NASM, NSCA, NCEP as well as other organizations and include professional athletes, top strength coaches, Marine combat veterans, and other extraordinary individuals. Plus, our trainers not only teach, they are living examples of their philosophies…They have spent years mastering their skills so they may provide clients with the best possible service.

We have studied extensively in holistic nutrition, corrective exercise, and performance training. It is this extensive experience that affords us the ability to utilize a variety of approaches that continually challenge our clients and deliver results, quickly and effectively. Our record of results has enabled us to gather an impressive clientele comprised of members of the Chicago Bulls, pro fitness competitors, world champion jiu jitsu fighters, professional surfers, nationally-ranked swimmers, Ironman triathletes, Fortune 500 executives, as well as moms, golfers and weekend warriors.

Support You Can Count On

One of the most valuable benefits Innovative Results offers clients is our ongoing and comprehensive support. From newsletters and articles to online discussion forums, we are here to answer your questions and remove any obstacles that may block your path to realizing peak performance. We’re not looking to simply educate you on the latest studies or philosophy, we’re dedicated to providing you with practical and informative tips and tools that can make a real difference in your life.

Disclaimer: It takes more than just hard work to create positive lifestyle changes for prolonged fitness, health, and wellness. Our methods will not work for people who quit easily, lack consistency, and are not focused on their goals!

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