Our Top 10 Fitness Articles of All Time!

#10 Top 10 places to get outside and workout in OC

#9 Hand and Forearm Strength

#8 Trail Running vs Road Running

#7 Is there a better way to get in shape?

#6 Should I focus on muscles or movements?

#5 3 keys to quick weight loss, gaining muscle and permanent fat loss

#4 11 simple tips to burn fat and boost your metabolism

#3 You’re never too old to get in amazing shape

#2 My 3 favorite battling ropes exercises

#1 I do crunches everyday, where are my abs?

Do you have a personal favorite?  If so, let us know whatcha like.

Also, if you have specific questions or topics you’d like us to cover, let us know and we will post a article just for you!

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  1. Bobbi Benski says

    All these articles are very motivational, but I LOVE the picture! The main reason I sought out IR back in march was to feel powerful! And every day I train there I feel incredibly powerful. I've accomplished things that I thought I'd never be able to do just a few years ago!

  2. Nicholas Tsutsui says

    This is a great selection of articles! I see that this was posted in 2011, I would love a new top ten list for this year because there must have been great articles written since then.

  3. says

    Trail Running vs Road Running, that has to be my favorite. I grew up hiking as a kid, and spent my 20’s doing the thing each weekend wondering where everyone else was, and what on earth were they doing if not taking in the glorious outdoors? As I picked up running again alongside my love of minimalist footwear, trail running became the natural evolution of my passions. When road running I feel a sense of competition with everyone in sight. Walking is out of the question, but when my cardiovascular conditioning dips, that rules out a good run on my local streets for my silly fear of being seen by strangers walking rather than running.

    Then you have nature, a far more forgiving place, despite the more treacherous terrain. From the softer surfaces, to the unpolluted air that surrounds busy roads, being in nature has a calming effect and brings me back to my childhood. If I want to stop, walk, simply sit and take in my surroundings, I can think of no better place. And if I feel like turning a run into a hike, that’s okay too.

  4. Aubrie Pohl says

    I just bookmarked many of these articles! There is an infinite amount of information about fitness and health online, and I am thankful for IR’s experience and knowledge to narrow down some important tips and guide individuals towards a better quality of life.

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