Over 100 Healthy Super Bowl Snacks and 10 Really Bad Ones

Super Bowl is almost here!

How much garbage do you usually eat that day?

Chips, dip, pizza, wings, beer, fries, nachos……yikes!  Well, I know everyone isn’t gonna be perfect, but here are a ton of alternative recipes that might save ya a few thousand calories this weekend.  Ive also generously provided 10 of the worst (best?) recipes that exist.

But remember, if your fitness goals are important, DO NOT go overboard.  Moderation, moderation, moderation.  Making wise choices are easier than you think.

Visit these sites for tons of great snack ideas:

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And…Top 10 Most Unhealthy Super Bowl Snacks.

Eat at your own risk!

Who are you cheering for?

Hope you have a wonderful Super Bowl, but don’t forget your goals completely.

Eat and drink in moderation :)


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