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In Newport Beach, a personal trainer is easy to find. With hundreds of certified fitness trainers in the area, it is no surprise that a client can stumble upon one quite easily. However, what many clients don’t know is that it’s not that difficult to become a certified trainer. Little do they know that most trainers may just have taken a weekend certification course, and already proclaimed themselves as experts afterwards. Despite their ignorance about the proper training techniques in losing weight, they still shamelessly promote their services.

Fortunately, clients won’t experience such sub-par quality with Innovative Results. Their fitness trainers in Newport Beach have personal training programs that will allow their clients to achieve dramatic weight loss. As a matter of fact, their fitness programs were actually voted #1 in the area!

Here at Innovative Results, we believe that having a healthy mind and body is one of the greatest goals that one can achieve. And it’s easy to do so if a client is guided by an expert fitness trainer.

  1. How do you develop a workout plan?
  2. Will you continuously change the program? If so, how?
  3. Will you help me intelligently set goals?
  4. What type of nutrition guidelines will you help me develop?
  5. What suggestions can you give in order for me to recover when I encounter muscle soreness?
  6. How will you help me stay accountable to my goals?

Only the best trainers in Newport Beach with personal training programs that are of quality can easily answer these questions. Innovative Results’ top personal trainers in Newport Beach have a system in place that will provide ongoing support throughout the entire program, and help clients lose weight dramatically.

Helping people transform their bodies, lose weight, gain muscle and feel better about themselves everyday – this is why our Newport Beach personal trainer team has been voted #1 in Orange County for two years in a row.

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