Mastering the Basics: Power Rope Progressions

Over the last few weeks Aaron and Josh have expanded our IR3 System to create specific progressions for different pieces of equipment or movement patterns that we use at Innovative Results.   We have built in regressions and advanced progressions to meet you where you need to be met. The whole goal is to increase in performance, three weeks at a time. This will allow for short-termed focus, building on the longer term goals of body fat loss, lean body mass gains, increase in performance, increase in mobility, increase in strength, increase in endurance, increase in hormone structure, increase in power, increase in functional applications, and increase in confidence!!

Here is the first installment, which breaks down power rope waves and various grips.

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Over the next few weeks, we are going to share a series of videos, called Mastering the Basics,  that explain each progression.  We have a lot more videos coming your way about Power Ropes, Kettlebell, VersaClimber, Dumbbells, Barbells, Eischen’s yoga, Body Weight, Awkward Lifts and Mobility.

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