Roger Ditched the Crowds and Pulled a 180 on his Negative Self-Perception

The Innovative Results Family has been blessed with amazing surroundings, and spectacular clients!


Roger Swibold is reaching his 6 month anniversary with Innovative Results and for that IR wants to praise Roger on all his successes and dedication!


Here is Rogers’ journey!

“I just feel compelled to let you know how much I appreciate what you and the IR team are doing for me (even though I moan every step of the way).”


You already know that for the past 8 years I have had no exercise program and 90% of my meals have been eaten out – and those meals basically consisted of crap.  However, what you don’t necessarily know is the emotional baggage that I bring with me (baggage that I’m working on).  Actually, I may have shared some of this with you and you may have guessed some of it, but regardless, here it goes …


Even though I was a thin kid, in junior high and high school I avoided gym class like the plague because I was horrible at sports.  Sooooo … I gained weight (I know, big surprise).  We were required to take a certain number of gym classes, so I took the easy classes like “lifetime sports” (golf, archery, tennis, etc.) and indoor recreation (racquet ball, badminton, bowling, etc.).  Because I had no athletic ability, you would NEVER see me on a basketball court or football field, and rarely on a baseball field or volleyball court.  (However, I did find out I was pretty good at racquet ball and “killer” badminton, so THAT was a plus.)


Athletic people have no idea what the lack of athletic ability can do to one’s self image.  Basically, I developed this sort of “2nd class citizen” mentality about myself at a very young age.  It wasn’t prompted by my family or friends,  it was all my own doing, and it translated into a poor self image … EVEN THOUGH I was quite confident in many aspects of my life.  For example: school was easy for me; I was a fairly decent artist; I had great friends; and I was known for my singing ability.  Looking back, I was very blessed, but for some reason I let my lack of athletic ability cloud my self perception.


So … fast forward to adulthood.  I have a decent job, I still have amazing friends in my life, I sing in a renowned master chorale, I sing and play piano for the worship team at church, I’m even somewhat fun to be around, I have great taste (in style and décor), and I smell nice (I just had to throw in a few extras, for fun), and God has blessed me in many ways.  I’m actually confident in most areas of my life.  But my lack of athletic ability, my weight, and that nagging self-image insecurity has persisted.  It has kept me from doing things like:


1.  Working with youth or college aged kids at church; and

2.  Getting involved in something like a Big Brothers program.


Why?  Because most of those groups thrive on physical activities.  They organize a football game, shoot hoops, or hang at the beach.  (Lord knows, I won’t let myself be seen shirtless.)  I have never wanted to be the dud sitting on the sidelines (kids don’t gravitate toward duds), so I’ve just avoided getting involved in such groups.  I know it’s a stupid way of thinking, and I know there may be some kid out there who could relate to my issues, but those issues are why I haven’t gotten involved.  In addition, I’ve also missed out on typical male camaraderie that comes from participating in team sports or golf.  As a result, I don’t have many buddies to hang with.


But enough of the Sad Story.  Here’s the transformation …


You, sir (referencing IR Owner Aaron Guyett), are a God-send for me.  I truly mean that!!  Even though there are some amazing things about my life, from a physical and health perspective I’ve been heading down a path of apathetic destruction for quite some time.  I know it was up to me to make a decision to change, so yes, kudos to me for doing that.  But the IR gym “style”, your philosophy on healthy living, you personality, your genuine interest and concern, and the fact that you’re cool enough to work with middle-aged farts in horrible shape, made it easy for me to make the lifestyle change that I desperately needed.  I’ve always hated the traditional gym (for various reasons), but I totally dig the IR concept.  I love the fact that there are these amazing athletes there struggling just as hard as I am.  (Granted, they are working with heavier weights and are doing workouts that are much more taxing than mine … but they are struggling, nonetheless.)  I think it’s cool that the trainers and members take the time to encourage one another.  Most people really seem stoked to see the improvement of others, and they’re not afraid verbalize it.  I love the fact that it’s not crowded and you don’t have to wait for equipment.  And even though I feel like a weakling at times, those thoughts are fleeting, because I’m now a RECOVERING weakling … IMPROVING each and every week!!


I realize that working out does not (and will not) make me magically adept at sports … I’ll still suck at football, basketball, etc. … BUT it has helped to build self-confidence regarding physical activity (in general), it has improved (and is still improving) the way I look and feel, it has given me a community of folks that I hope to build into friendships, and it is helping me to obliterate some of my own stupid, ingrained, insecurities.


So for THAT, my friend, I thank you – from all that is within me.  I hope you receive as much encouragement as you give.  I’m sure you can get bogged down with the details of “the business” (like you mentioned tonight), with life, and with your own issues.  But through all of that, I hope you KNOW in your heart of hearts that you and the IR Team make a huge difference in the lives of so many.  What you do is important … it is life changing!!  That fact that you’re a spiritual man and a growing Christian, is just this amazing icing on the cake.  (oooh, “cake” … bad word)  I know that your energy, your compassion for others, and your God-given talents will translate well into the ministry work that you’re contemplating.  But I ask one thing … don’t make that transition into your other ministry until I’m all better.


Thank You Roger for allowing the IR Family to be a part of YOUR success!


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  1. says

    I love reading about stories like this, so inspirational! Roger made an amazing commitment to change and he should be very proud of that. His life change is going to bring him great benefits of health and physical fitness. Continue pushing forward in your quest!

  2. Devin San Jose says

    How cool it is to see lives being transformed! Rogers’s story is especially encouraging because he wasn’t afraid to share how he started from a very low place health wise and then worked his way up to feeling confident and better about his improving lifestyle . His testimony proves that anyone (regardless of where they are in their health and habits) can change for the better. It’s never too late!

  3. says

    How cool it is to see lives being transformed! Rogers's story is especially encouraging because he wasn't afraid to share how he started from a very low place health wise and then worked his way up to feeling confident and better about his improving lifestyle. His testimony proves that anyone (regardless of where they are in their health and habits) can change for the better. It's never too late!

  4. says

    This blog really reminds me of the blog about habits. I’m sure we have all been discouraged at some point with the way we are, but Roger is an example of dedicating himself to make changes. I love the bond that is made between people on a sports team, and have always taken that for granted. After reading this it made me understand that not everyone gets to be a part of that, but the IR team can build those connections regardless of athletic skill. Simply spending time with and taking pride in the people you surround yourself with can make a huge difference in your life.

  5. says

    This is amazing. First off, congrats to Roger for the transformation. Secondly, congrats to Aaron for creating a dynamic in which people can grow to such a degree. I believe that being a personal trainer is about much more than working people out. It is about getting to know them and their deeper issues. It sounds like the IR team is motivating and completely real. I would love to be a part of such a team!

  6. says

    It is always nice to read inspirational stories about someone who has overcome obstacles in their lives. Congrats to Roger! And I would like to add that I have had the opportunity to train with Aaron and he is an amazing person.

  7. says

    Great job to roger! and I Hope to get my parents in there soon! My favorite show is biggest loser because it shows how much you can lose by being commited and sticking to the program. I have a deep passion for saving some ones life by helping them lose 100+ pounds. I love to see progress in people, when they cant even do a simple workout then going to the elite level before your eyes, Very exciting.

  8. says

    This is amazing!!! What I got from this is that Roger is a guy who has always had a bad experience with physical fitness, but after finding Innovative results and their unique approach towards a healthy lifestyle he finally feels good about making working out part of his daily routine. This is a true testament to innovative results and their life changing program.

  9. Madison Murphy says

    Wow this is just amazing! He is so inspirational! This really goes to show if you are motivated enough you can push yourself to do anything! I have seen him working out before and he kicks butt!! I agree that the whole IR team make you feel so important and is so helpful! This guy rocks!

  10. Nicholas Tsutsui says

    Roger’s transformation is an inspiration. He worked through the pain of creating a new mindset, which resulted in him becoming a figure that any motivational article strives for their audience to become. What stood out most for me was his honesty pertaining to himself. He addressed to us personal insecurities and what ultimately led to his negative self-image. His honesty created a bare foundation with no ego, which only left room for improvement. It’s amazing what Innovative Results has accomplished through being a space with cool equipment and inspiring trainers. It is rare to have a business where one can walk in to try something new, and walk out having had his or her life changed for the better.

  11. Derek Garcia says

    You have to love stories like this! and I think many people strive for great stories like this. This right here should be everyones goal, to connect with people in a life changing way, not just a trainer to client but person to person, once you can connect personally, the healing process will begin and God will help change the heart for the better. Love this!

  12. Alexis Vargas says

    This is article was so inspirational. It makes me feel lucky to work out with Roger on the days I do work out with him. I could actually hear Roger’s voice as I read through the article, which is quite funny. It’s important to push each other and keep encouraging ourselves when we work out.

  13. Marissa Shelton says

    I love this story! Roger reminds me of my dad, their stories are almost identical! I think Roger is a great model for my dad and many other people as well. It is true you do not need to be in sports or have done sports to be “athletic” or “fit”; anyone can do it! It is so awesome to know that Innovative Results has helped Roger to a positive lifestyle through fitness and health!

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