Simple Tips to Start Keeping a Journal

We have found that keeping a journal is essential for creating long term change and monitoring progress.

You can use journals to track your eating habits, to do lists, workouts and much more.

Here are some ideas that may help you become more focused and efficient this week:

  • Become conscious of your eating habits
  • Track progress in your workouts…milestones, small improvements, etc
  • Break down projects into bite size pieces
  • Track daily habits and blocks of time
  • Write down and review goals
  • what did you do today that got you closer to your goal?
  • What distracted you from being productive?  How can that be avoided in the future?
  • What are two tasks to be completed tomorrow

I would recommend to start simple.

If you are looking to get in shape, start by writing down what you eat and when you eat it.  This simple process can help you become more conscious of your eating habits.  Most people are very aware of whats good for them, but habits can be powerful.  Get apad and start recording your food.

As writing daily becomes habit, you can expand into other areas of your life.  You can track your goals, progress, to dos and more.

The point is to get you focused and to keep you on track while you work toward your goals.

So, start today and let’s hear about your progress in the comments below.

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