A Common Sense Approach to Healthy Eating

I’m a big believer that our modern diet and lifestyle are ruining our health.  

That’s probably not a shocking statement for most of you, but how are you overcoming these bad habits in your own life?

These days there are so many books, diets, and schools of thought, that it has become difficult to understand what we should eat.

I am not a very complicated guy, so I am going to explain my basic, common sense approach to healthy eating.

People are gaining weight and getting sicker by eating convenient foods.  Packaged, processed, refined foods that provide very little nutrients.  Companies add stuff like chemicals, hormones, pesticides and thousands of other things that make food readily available, with a longer shelf life and to increase the company’s bottom line.

Do I believe that all food companies are bad?  NO.

But I do believe that people were not designed to eat that stuff.  My common sense tells me that natural foods will give our body good stuff and that when we supply our bodies with good fuel, that it is able to function correctly, with lots of energy, free of disease and able to recover.

Here are some basic eating habits to implement in your life:

  • Eat fresh vegetables all day.  Could be grilled, sauteed, raw, steamed, in  soup, caserole or whatever.  Eat em
  • Eat organic eggs, wild fish, grass fed beef, and other organic meats.
  • Add a small handful of nuts/seeds to your daily diet.
  • Cook with coconut oil.
  • Drink more clean, filtered water.
  • Add liquid minerals to your water.
  • Drink a good greens powder everyday.
  • Take Omega 3 fish oil capsules everyday.

Limit or avoid most convenient, packaged, or processed foods.

That’s it.

Pretty basic, right?

Do I expect you to be perfect?  No.

Start by simply becoming conscious of your eating habits.

Do you  remember what you ate today?  Yesterday?  Last week?

Sure, you will have to implement new habits, but it is well worth the effort.  As you improve your eating habits, you will notice that your body composition improves, your energy will increase, you’ll sleep better and you will develop more mental clarity.  The benefits are endless.

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