Learn about acid and alkaline foods and how they can affect your health

These days there is a lot of talk about how foods affect our bodies.  Acid versus Alkaline is a very hot topic and well worth learning more about.

It can mean the difference between being healthy and happy….or sick and unhealthy.  

Basic idea is this:  If your body is acidic, then disease thrives and your body is vulnerable to variety of health concerns.  Most disease and viruses cannot survive in a slightly alkaline environment.

So, you want to keep your body slightly alkaline.  Simple.

You do this by getting the right mindset, moving everyday, by eating better quality foods and drinking more water.

Here’s a great article that talks about the 7 most alkaline foods we can eat.

7 most alkaline foods we can eat.


  1. Amy says

    Why do various lists of alkaline/acid foods contradict each other. For example, I saw two example lists today. One had avocado as highest alkaline, but this list shows it as lowest alkaline. I’ve seen another that showed eggplant as highly acidic and something to be avoided while another listed it as alkaline. Are some of these taking into consideration a food that might be acidic but has an alkalizing effect on the body or is it that some are more educated than others?

    • ptpt says

      Good question, Amy! We will be researching the difference…keep reading our blog for the answer, when we find it. However, if you find out the reason, we would love to know your source! :)

  2. says

    It doesn't hurt to sip on some MEND water everyday. People need to realize that to stay healthy you have to move, eat healthy, and have all of the other pieces of the puzzle. You can't just do one thing and think that you're good for life.

  3. Catherine says

    This is very educational. There are rarely nutritious articles about alkaline or acid foods and how it affects our body. Usually, the focus is on the four typical nutrients, so this is an awesome simple to-the-point article.

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