Mastering the Basics: Learning the Kettlebell Swing

Kettlebells are a hot topic these days, but unfortunately, most people don’t take the time to learn proper form.  Kettlebells can be one of the most effective tools for develop strength in your prosterior chain (hamstrings, butt, back and shoulders), your abdominal muscles, grip and more.  If you have not ever used a kettlebell, then this video will help you develop a base of knowledge to move forward and start trying a basic exercise called the Swing.

In case you missed last week’s article:  Learning the Hip Hinge

Learning to properly hinge will be essential before progressing into the swing.  Developing the right movement patterns, before progressing, will lead to greater gains long term and less injuries along the way :).

Now for the goods…Aaron’s entertaining video about THE SWING

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Aaron Guyett is an owner and in house kettlebell expert.  He is quickly becoming the go to expert for fitness in Orange County.


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    I remember when I use to train at crossfit, oh how I miss the pain in my back, haha not thanks to american champ Aaron Guyett my back pain is no longer with my new skills on the bells.

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