Team Transformation Challenge Success Stories – Part 1

We recently completed our Team Transformation Challenge

Now we need everyone to vote on teh BEST Success Story.

Which is your favorite? Leave a comment below….

Charlton Bilow and The Mad Martigans

Angela Miner

I have been working out all my life and have battled weight issues just as long.  Through this transformation it became apparent that food issues run deep and that became ever so apparent through this.  Even though I did not lose weight I gained in strength ten fold.  The strength is not only from seeking within, but also from wanting to make IR proud.  The best part of this last month is that my husband for the first time in our thirty years together is working out next to me.

Thank you all for being such a special group of people.

Courtney Wesson
I took this challenge in hopes to get stronger and faster. Well, I proved that I am both!
I have to say I did not stick to the meal plan because I was not looking to lose anymore weight. I am grateful for these recipes. They will be kept and referenced to also. Thanks! I came to Innovative Results with a broken heart and spirit.
I hated my trainer for just telling me what to do and walking away. Coming back to me and telling me that I was doing it wrong when I was finished. Thanks a lot, dude. I was inconsistent in going to the gym because I felt like my trainer did not care about or like me. I had lost much weight already. Being consistent with my workouts has kept my body in line and now I have a smaller butt and muscles! If only he could see me now! ;D
I really enjoy coming to see Keri. She seems to really care about me and my progress. She makes sure I have the right posture for the exercise and does not walk away. I like how Innovative Results changes things up every workout.
For my test results from a month ago, I pushed the sled 1 second faster, dead hung 30 sec longer, versa climbed pretty friggin’ fast compared. I have to admit to pooping out at 20 secs and even stopping for over 5, I still finished passing my steps before I was supposed to. If I were to have kept my pace up I would have my name on the 300 plus in 1 min. mark on the wall, here.
Thank You Innovative Results for your friendship, support, encouragement and grace.
Love You Guys!!

Joshua Spencer
Hi, I’m Joshua Spencer.  I first heard about Innovative Results through a Marine in my Reserve unit.  I started coming to Innovative Results as a client in August, last year.  I have playedRugbyfor 4 years and my goal was to get fitter and improve my athleticism specifically for the All-Marine team tryouts that were happening in November.  IR surpassed all of my expectations.  While my agility and power grew, I noticed important gains in areas that I didn’t even know that I needed improvement in!  I started at 192 lbs and within two months I had increased to a much more powerful 210 lbs!!  My overall strength, coordination, recovery time, and work rate dramatically improved.  At tryouts I not only made the Marine team, but was a starter!

Since then, IR has helped me continue to perform at my best despite several injuries.  When I suffered an ankle sprain my trainer Aaron Guyett saw it as an obstacle to overcome and an opportunity for learning and education for me.  We began working on corrective exercises that have not only helped my ankle recover but have made me more agile and balanced.  He helped me learn how to take better care of myself so that I can avoid injuries.

I was very excited for the Team Transformation Challenge.  Almost all of my goals are performance-oriented and I really needed to improve my explosive power and endurance.  At the end of the challenge, all of my timed assessments had seen serious improvement.  I dropped my 50’ body-weight sled drive by an entire second, increased my endurance on the tsunamis by nearly a minute, and posted better numbers on VersaClimber than I had thought possible.  The 1 minute of Versa is definitely the hardest I have pushed myself for a minute in my entire life.  My score improved from 319ft to 363ft!!!!  And the best part is, due the fitness I have earned and recovery that I have learned here, the very following day I played an entire 80 minuteRugbygame with full strength and had one of my best games this season, resulting in a VICTORY for my local team!!!!

However, the good that IR has done for me doesn’t end there.  When I finished my active duty time in the Marines, I had a very difficult time finding work in the civilian world.  I was underemployed for nearly two years, doing work that didn’t satisfy me and that I didn’t feel very good about.  I was mentally not in a good place, and I felt that my hopes and desires were slipping away and that life was very dull indeed.  Training at IR brought me into contact with the right kind of people and with good fellowship.  I found myself not only physically challenged, but spiritually challenged.  It reinforced in me the need for daily meditation in the Scriptures and purging negative influences.  I found that I had a lot of life left inside that had fallen asleep.  It was time to WAKE UP!!!

As the Transformation Challenge started, IR was looking to hire an additional trainer.  Aaron saw something in me and recommended that I try-out for the position.  After passing a very rigorous hiring process, I am proud to be the latest member of the IR team!  I am motivated and oriented in a positive direction.  I now believe in myself and am WAY more satisfied with my work.  And there is plenty of work for me now!!!
Everyone at IR, from the owners and mentors to the training team to all the clients and all of their wonderful backgrounds make this such a great experience for me.  Everyone at IR is a positive influence and a role model.  I am daily sharpened by each and every one of you and am so EXCITED to get to work that getting out of bed even early in the morning is easy!  Thanks Aaron Guyett and IR team (everyone) for being there!  : )

Tommy Christian

When I was tasked with writing a testimonial, I immediately had the same thought I always have when asked to write something: uhhhhhhhh…drawing a blank. I credit Keri for my inspiration on this piece of work. She said, “Dig deep, Tommy!” Her offhand remark reminded me what I most value from my time at IR. Getting back the will to dig deep within myself and push beyond my own perceived physical limits has helped me immensely in other areas of my life. It has been particularly useful in my current situation: I just had a baby and changed jobs in my company. The action of pushing my physical limits beyond what I thought possible at IR has helped me to cope with the immense amount of change that goes along with these other two life events. The habits I’ve developed with Jeff (setting goals, working towards them, being accountable to them and celebrating the success when achieving them) has helped me do the same thing other areas of my life. The February challenge couldn’t have come at a better time for me and helped kick start the process of achieving my physical, professional and personal goals.

I did a really good job of eating healthy and working out consistently towards the end of last year, but the Holidays and a couple of long business trips had me gaining back weight that I had lost and losing fitness that I had gained in 2011. I did a better job than most people during that time of indulgence, but wasn’t feeling my best. I set three goals for February concerning fitness; while I didn’t achieve them all by the 29th, I came close (two out of three ain’t bad). Nothing makes me try harder than competition. I haven’t pushed myself physically to the puking point this much since I was playing collegiate lacrosse. I’m not encouraging this, but I can’t help myself. If I’m competing, I push to the max to get that win. In addition to really getting my February going, I plan to continue the habits that I began (because of the competition) until I reach all the goals I set for myself. Setting goals and subsequently achieving them is incredibly addicting. Look for me on the 2″ bar getting to my pull-up goal.

My wife was 36 weeks pregnant at the time this contest started. One of the things that I had to change about my life was my working travel schedule. I went from a job that was traveling about two weeks a month to one that travels two weeks a quarter. I was grateful to be able to change, but it was also a big personal adjustment. However, I have already started setting achievable goals in this new position similar to the way we do it at IR. In addition, the consistent exercise really mediates my moods in this time of change. I used to set goals for myself years ago, but got away from it. Like anything you don’t regular practice, I lost the skill. IR has really put that back into my life and given me a way to deal with the frustrations that come with life “moving my cheese.”

I spent much of my waking hours during my wife’s pregnancy thinking about the kind of father I want to be. I think a big part of my development as a man came in my early teen years when my dad and I wrestled a lot. There is something about the first time you beat your dad that provides an immense amount of satisfaction and personal growth. I want to be able to do that with my son. I want to have a catch and not be worried about injuring myself. I don’t want my son to have to wait for me to do any kind of physical activity because I am out of shape. Today, it’s the dreaded versaclimber and flipping tires; in a couple of years it will be teaching my son, Kade, how to chop wood, climbs trees or throw a vicious check in a lacrosse game. IR is preparing me for an active fatherhood.

To Aaron, Corey, Keri and Jeff: Thank you for all the hours of training. Kade will have a dad who kicks ass in the Father/Son football, lacrosse or whatever games.

To all the IR trainers and team members: Thanks for the hours you all put into creating a gym that is a sactuary of fitness where we all can grow together.

Matt Elhard
My wife said it best. “Why do you only lose weight when you work out with Aaron (aka IR)?”  This challenge gave me an opportunity to get as serious as I could on changing the way I feel and look.  To start, I learned a few good recipes for snacks and meals.  Also, including a cheat day in my nutrition was an interesting learning experience.  The first cheat day I pigged out on junk food and then I sat there wondering “How do I feel now?”  The second cheat day I did the same, pigged out.  And I admitted I feel worse than before I ate; which cannot be good.  I was still very much looking forward to my third and fourth cheat days but when they came I pretty much eat healthy.  It became an instinct to eat healthy or at least not super bad.  Ka-POW!!  Another huge thing I experienced was that being serious about showing up to IR and not missing keeps the motivation up which keeps the discipline up.  I didn’t miss once during the month on February.  I lost 15 lbs during the challenge.   My wife, friends, and co-workers made comments on my weight lose; and I didn’t even ask.  All and all, learning some new recipes, recording my food, keeping the calories down, and working out consistently has given me control over something I thought I had lost; feeling and looking good!! Ka-Chow!!  Knowing I have the control over looking and feeling good already makes me a winner.

Shad Orton

When I started working out with Aaron Guyett at Innovative results I was currently working out at LA fitness with a trainer. I was bored, seeing no results, had no motivation and my trainer showed no interest in my personal goals, just another half our session doing 12 reps on a bench press or 15 leg curls to collect a few bucks was what I’ve always had for trainers.  My first workout with Aaron was intense, I needed to be pushed past my limits, I needed an outside motivation. Without a commitment from me joining Innovative Results, Aaron gave me and provided for me, everything I was and have been looking for in a trainer in the past few years, with no financial benefit in his eyes or just a new client to train Aaron pushed me, he cared about me and my goals and what I wanted to accomplish, my workouts had purpose with my end goals in mind. I lost body fat, gained lean muscle, increased flexibility, have healthy eating habits, sleep better, feel better, clear minded, my overall goals have been met and my new goals are in the making.
Thank you Aaron Guyett and Innovative Results for allowing me to be part of the IR Family.

Antonio Johns

I found out about innovative by mysteriously following the warrior training page on Facebook.  To be completely honest, I don’t know how that happened.  However, it is the greatest that could have happened.  I took advantage of a deal and Aaron was very encouraging about having me start up.  I hadn’t worked out for a year prior to me signing up, but I wanted to regain a useful, functional, fit body.

The first day, I thought I was going to die.  I wanted to quit half way through, I was fighting vomit from coming up and my lungs wanted to leave my body!  Aaron made sure I kept pushing though, and with his positively and completely amazing knowledge of how the body works, I got through just fine.

Its been a little over a month now and I’ve seen significant improvements!! Not just with my physique, but my mental attitude, energy levels throughout the day and overall health.  Within the one month, my stamina, strength and speed have all improved.  I even get to put my name up on the wall for the 300 feet in one minute Versaclimber achievement!!  I couldn’t be happier with the results, and I couldn’t think of a better staff to stick with!  With everyone’s friendly, positive attitudes and complete knowledge of body science, Innovative Results is hands down the best place for anyone to be!

Dan Wulkan
Over the last month, I’ve made some new friends that have helped me stay focused in achieving my first set of goals. And when I say my first set of goals, to me, you are always setting goals-forever. My new friends consisted of the pull up bar I hung from beating my previous time by more than 100%, the Versa Climber I handled with some improvement raising my score 20%, the ever so comfortable sled stacked with my body weight that I slid across the floor in better timing with half a second down (better then nothing at all) as well as the Tsunami waves, confused why the gym didn’t wash away as I bettered my time with a 25% hike. Overall I am pleased with my improvement because I stayed committed and focused and even though I only lost 3 pounds, I realized that the best way to “MAKE IT HAPPEN” is to take baby steps and stay true to the consistency and commitment of working out and eating right. I learned it truly is 90% what you eat and 10% exercise but that 10% exercise makes the world of difference. I learned you can’t lose all the weight overnight, and if you do, you will gain it back the next night. My body is still adapting every day and liking me more and more for treating it the right way and not abusing it, not that I ever did, but at least cutting down and eventually deleting the Starbucks Grande Peppermint Mocha Extra Whip in Venti cup with a spoon for my Sundae drink. In addition to the exercises we do and the equipment we use, there is also a HUGE item I’d like to add to this testimonial. THE STAFF. You can go ANYWHERE and buy equipment. just calling a spade a spade. At a store, off Craigslist or Ebay but when it comes to using it, you need the proper teachings and professionals so you don’t get hurt. I have learned that if you listen closely, the STAFF at IR will guide you and I in becoming the Champion we all set out to be. When I was young, a Baseball Hall of Famer asked me what my dream was, and I said to become a professional baseball player. And he responded, what ever you dream about and set your goals to be, remember, “Good, better, best, never let it rest, until the good is better and the better is best”. I took that with me, and with the present day leadership at IR, I have been kicked into overdrive to make my goals and making the “BETTER….the BEST, every step of the way. I’m never done and I can always improve, that’s why l feel so great and why I get up at 6AM in the morning to work out, I am amp’d because I’m setting goals and achieving them as I continue to add time on the end of my life and it makes me improve not only in my health and well-being but in my ever day life experiences. As I continue to stay committed, my dreams will keep coming true. My relationships get better, work gets better and I feel more successful at what I do and the person I’m becoming. At least thats how I feel and thats how I have been effected by this competition. Thanks IR. Looking forward to the next set of goals.

Katie Kelly

“Time to get your weight.” Probably the five worst, most dreaded words in the world….the words that make my heart rate spike, palms sweat, and that literally make my stomach cramp. The same five words that were uttered on that cold, brisk Saturday morning of February 4th, the first day of our 29 day challenge. I made my way over to the scale, contemplating on giving up instantly and running out the front door,  but I knew I couldn’t do that. First of all, I love a challenge, and second of all, aside from the panic and fear, I really WANTED to make a change in how I looked, felt, and well…lived.  I knew this was the perfect way to jumpstart change, and it was something I could do with the support of my closest girlfriends, and with the help and direction of amazing trainers. So, at the same moment I stepped on the scale, I made the decision to commit to the challenge, which for me was probably the hardest part of this journey… committing 100%, no excuse, no exceptions. I knew that whatever the results were at the end of the 29 days, I would be held accountable, and there was no way I was going to let myself fail.
Self-discipline has never been a strong suit of mine, so I knew the second hardest part of the challenge would be the meal plan. Every Sunday I would buy all the food I needed for that week. Each night I would prepare my meals for the next day. During the week, it was easy. I would get up, eat breakfast, and take all my snacks and lunch to work and eat at my desk, which actually helped me save a lot of money not having to go out and buy my lunch everyday. I knew though, that the weekends were going to be more challenging, because I was going to be losing the routine that comes with being in an office 8 hours of the day, and I knew there would be nights when I would be going out to dinner or out to the bars, and I wasn’t quite sure how I would handle that, or if I would be strong enough to say no to certain things. It was not uncommon for a Friday or Saturday night to end with a trip to Del Taco or Laventina’s Pizza, but I knew these were rituals that would have to stop. I just had to keep reminding myself of my goal and my commitment. Starting day one, the first thing I would do every morning was step on the scale, and the first week I was losing a pound a day. Those results alone were all I needed to stay strong and focused and resist temptations. Even on treat days, I stuck to the meals on the meal plan. I knew that if I allowed myself to cheat, I would overindulge, and like I said, there was no way I was going to let myself fail. This not only was a team challenge, but it was very much a personal challenge. I was in competition with myself. My will for change was stronger than my cravings for food, and soon the meal plan became natural and easy. Eating healthier and eating less was starting to become a habit, and ipso facto, I had created a lifestyle change.
Not only has eating healthy become part of my daily life, but working out frequently has also become part of my routine as well. When I am not training at Innovative Results, I am working out on my own at the gym. Prior to the challenge, I would always plan to go to the gym after work, or after dinner, or after this or that, and then I would never go because I would be “too tired,” or it was “too late.” I made excuse after excuse, and look where it got me. Absolutely nowhere. Now, I look forward to my workouts, especially the morning classes with Aaron. I prefer to have someone pushing me to perform to my highest potential, because often that potential is higher than the limitations I put on myself. I have learned to dig deep when I think I don’t have anything left, and to get out of my comfort zone and give everything I have. This alone, is key to success in every aspect of life. Having come to learn, appreciate and accept this tool, failure is not an option. Only results.
After just one month, I have so much more energy, and am already feeling more confident and comfortable in my own skin. I have a ways to go still before I get to where I want to be, but I am going to keep working hard and stay committed.  Although the 29 day challenge has come to an end, the real challenge for me is just beginning. I plan to continue on this new path and reinforce all my new habits and rituals, so that I continue to see positive results, and living a better, and healthier lifestyle.

David Paul

I had ACL surgery on May 15, 2009.  I didn’t know it at the time, but a very long and painful journey to full recovery began for me on that day. Physical therapy was brutal and I developed atherofibrosis in my knee — basically, scar tissue built up in the joint and the PT had to work very hard to break it up so I could retain full flexion and extension.

After my insurance ran out and I was discharged from physical therapy in October 2009, I began lifting weights at the gym in the way most American men think they should.  My mindset was wrong — I thought that lifting weights and not doing much else was what I needed to do to “get in shape”.  Unfortunately, I developed serious tendonitis in my reconstructed knee, and I had to go back to physical therapy in
December 2009.

I basically took the first half of 2010 off, carb-loading while watching too much TV and feeling sorry for myself.  My knee was tight / sore most of the time and I did little more than stretching.  In July 2010, God answered a prayer of mine and a friend put me in touch with a PT who was willing to work with me on the side.  After 3 months of once-a-week workouts with the PT, I was referred to Megan May and began working with her.  When she joined IR in January 2011, I joined IR as well.  Now, I’m training with Aaron and The Warriors and I love it.  I’ve made friends and lost weight and gotten stronger and generally had a great time.

The equipment and workouts at IR are unlike anything else I have ever seen.  It’s a totally unique gym.  I’ve never been bored at IR or thought that I have mastered what’s there.  Aaron finds ways to challenge me every week, and I’m actively referring friends to IR.  Right now, Gina (a friend from work) trains with Amanda and she’s really enjoying it.  Gina blew her ACL just like I did.  I think IR is the perfect place for anyone to be if they want to recover from a serious injury — I’m now playing soccer, running 10k’s, and healing from a long-time shoulder problem.  It’s also great for losing weight and looking good in a medium t-shirt.

Finally, the trainers at IR are really smart and I’m always learning something from them.  I consider this to be the biggest compliment I can pay IR.  My mindset is now right.  I’m thinking correctly about how to train, when to train, and what to train within the context of my goals. In Hosea 4:6, the Bible says “…my people are destroyed from lack of knowledge”.  It’s really true that bad thinking and lack of knowledge destroys a person.  God has provided me with a gym where my thinking is always getting better, and I’m really grateful for that.

Mark Perez
I was the fat kid in high school with no desire for organized sports or being able to do anything that can be classified as athletic.  Four years of beer and pizza in college and I blew up to 270 pounds in May 2003 among other health related problems.  Changing my diet and starting to exercise allowed me to shed over 100 pounds and the scale saw 165 lbs by October 2005.  At this time, my confidence was booming and I met the woman of my dreams and we were married in November of 2007.  Fast forward 4 years later, long hours at my desk job and the lackadaisical attitude I had about fitness due to being in a comfortable relationship allowed my weight to creep up back to 210 pounds.

I tried all of the home exercise programs (P90X, Insanity, Asylum), but I couldn’t seem to find the same success I had back in 2003.  It was then I decided to join Innovate Results under the tutelage of mastermind Aaron Guyett.  With IR, I found focused intensity and accountability, which I could not get from a DVD or a set of bands attached to my door frame.  I also found a community of individuals with the same drive and focus to become healthier and stronger overall.  After just 5 weeks with IR, I have lost over 10 pounds and am well on my way in becoming the athlete I knew was inside of me.  I successfully completed the Tough Mudder event on 2/25/12 in 3 hours and 20 minutes, conquering all obstacles with a determined smile on my face.  With the help of IR, I am confident I will return to my former physical fitness and will have a blast while doing so.

Raquel Lizarraga

Innovative Results changed my life. I’m physically and mentally stronger. Before starting IR (January 2012), I was already pretty active, working out a few times a week. After starting IR, there were noticeable positive changes.  I look fit. And my endurance has increased dramatically with the workouts. They are intense, and now that I can actually complete them—pretty fun! I’ve noticed that the workouts boost my mood all day and I am more alert. I sleep better. I’m healthier. I’m happier.
It’s a friendly environment filled with trainers who actually care to guide you towards greater fitness.
Initially, I thought my goals (such as 200 on the Versa Climber) were pretty challenging; after our evaluations today, I actually beat all of my goals! My next goal is to have my name on the wall for the 300 feet in one minute on the Versa Climber!
I see every day as an opportunity to improve myself from the day before. And with IR, I know that each day I am making a positive change in my life. I know it’s making a difference. I love IR!


  1. says

    katie kelly [Katie Fabre], hands down. so beyond proud of your dedication and accomplishments. I know you will only continue to succeed and see results. your determination is inspiring!

  2. says

    I vote tommy – I think it is cute what he said about kade, and I remember when he first started with IR… Dr chrissy told me – hey my husband may like your gym, he reminds me of your fiance'.

  3. Beth Harlambakis says

    I vote Katie Kelly! We have been work-out buddies in the past and I know how hard she works, so it doesn't surprise me that she was able to accomplish this challenge. I'm getting back on track in getting healthly and working out too and seeing her transformation has definitely been an inspiration :)

  4. Chris Warembourg says

    My vote is for Joshua Spencer. It sounds like you had some great fitness improvements through Innovative Results, and that you were able to find something to do that you love to do after coming back from the active duty in the Marines. Congrats!

  5. Lyn Andrews Parker says

    My vote is for Joshua Spencer. Josh, I had no idea how much you've endured and eventually come through after serving in the Marine Corps! You are truly an inspiration that transformation occurs not only physically but spiritually as well!

  6. Duane Farquhar says

    Great stories all, but I have to say, Joshua spencer is my favorite. Targeted goals and measurable results. My vote is for Joshua spencer

  7. Nolving Melara says

    Charltons vid for sure was the best. Took you to the field and back where you could just about feel the pain and sweet reward of the whole experience. Different approach from the infomercial type of testimonials. Great job Charlton.

  8. Devin Schiro says

    Okay seriously, this testimony actually succeeded in getting me interested in this stuff. Great job Charlton!

  9. Vivian Cazares says

    Raquel Lizarraga's testimonial is the most relatable! I feel like she's doing what most of todays 20-somethings want to be doing, but don't have the drive to do. She seems to have benefited tremendously from having the support of IR. I hope to build that same metal and physical endurance she has achieved with challenging goals.

  10. Anonymous says

    Ive never seen Katie FABRE this committed to making such a positive change for herself before. She was focused on working out as often and as hard as she could, and never once faltered on her meal plan. She is absolutely deserving of my vote. Love you babe.

  11. says

    I vote for Charlton Bilow. Not only a very well done video but I've seen his growth @ IR from way out of shape for a young man to a mile on the Versa Climber (a nightmare to anyone who's tried it). God Bless

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