Jim’s ABC’s Have a Little Different Tune

Jim’s consistency has landed him on the Battling Ropes Wall (20+ minutes) and a spot on the IR Blog!

Here is Jim’s Transformation Story:

Thank you for the “Team Challenge” (reference to IR’s February 2012 Transformation Challenge). I have been coming to IR for about 3 months and was hesitant to join a team for this challenge. I am 42 and have always kept in pretty good shape up until October 2010 when I tore my ACL, meniscus, and cartilage playing basketball resulting in surgery. I had ACL reconstruction and repair on my meniscus and woke up to find I also went through a micro fracture procedure which left me non-weight bearing for 6 weeks and slowed my physical therapy and recovery. After six months I was probably in the worst shape in my life.

From day one at IR Aaron opened my eyes to training methods I never even knew about. I learned about having the right mindset, proper movement, and intentional recovery. I have worked out hard and Aaron has always been concerned for my bad knee. It was hard setting goals for the challenge. I figured if I just sets goals to see some improvement in each of the testing areas and that would be good enough for me. What I didn’t consider was the mindset improvements that would come with this challenge. The accountability was huge. I loved the emails and being pushed by any and everyone that knew I was a part of the challenge. The main improvements for me have been nutrition and consistency with my workouts. No more soda or junk food. It is all because the change in my mindset. I found that I need to be challenged. ABC, A – always, B – be, C – challenged, “always be challenged! ALWAYS BE CHALLENGED!!!” Keep the emails coming. Keep pushing me. I will keep setting goals, reach those goals and be in the best shape of my life.


In February’s challenge Jim dropped 5.4lbs, and 5% Body Fat helping his team take 2nd Place in the Team Transformation Challenge!  Now coming up on his 9th month with Innovative Results he is setting and achieving goals, AND getting his name up on the IR achievement walls!!



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