8 Ways To Get Out of Your Emotional Slump with Innovative Results

Even coaches and leaders get into emotional slumps…and I was in one recently–NOT COOL, and most definitely NOT GOOD if you have people that rely on you!

When in a slump, we must find what matters, and fight for it.

How did I know I was in a slump?

  • Getting up in the morning was a chore, and I didn’t become fully awake, alive, and energized until about 7am, which is THREE HOURS and 15 minutes INTO MY DAY!
  • I felt like I wasn’t productive or high-performing.
  • My training sets were barely finished, and lower performing than the earlier weeks.
  • I craved sugar, beer, wine, and crappy food.
  • Water sounded gross.
  • My time with God and relationships in life felt disconnected or disjointed.

Why did this happen to me?

Not the greatest question to ask in the middle of a slump, unless you want to play the victim, and spend more time in your slump. Taking responsibility for yourself and confronting the brutal facts is top priority if you are going to make it out.

I am not sure if it was because I was in an ethereal-spiritual-philosophical haze of having a brand new baby girl or not working for over a week (I still worked, but very little compared to my normal) or it was just my time to experience a low week or time…but I was down.

Here is what I do to help me pull out of the downward spirals (which have been known to happen to me about once every three months or so, and are much shorter lived than in my past):

  1. SmilingSmiling has been shown to change the state of a person by many studies that I have read and researched in a very small amount of time. This takes a choice and an action. Here is a great Innovative Results video on the power of a smile:
  2. Drinking enough waterToo many times I was down because of dehydration, only to realize that a few glasses of water, picked me back up to full speed again. Here is another Innovative Results video on hydration.
  3. Eating Healthy Foods, not Foods that my Stress DesiresI have a MAJOR sweet tooth (it is such a problem that my wife has to hide any sugar items if she wants to enjoy them in moderation, because she knows I will SMASH a whole bucket of sugary stuff at night to satiate my horrible cravings). Eating junk foods: anything that comes in a box, bag, or is ordered through an electrical communication device is not going to pull you out of your emotionalor energy slumber. It is going to crank you up into a euphoric cloud, and then drop you deeper than you were before. CHOOSE FOODS THAT GOD MADE, and if man has messed with them RUN AWAY!! Here is an Innovative Results video on meal preparation and nutrition:
  4. Prayer and MeditationIn my personal experience, I have felt relief by handing over the issues to a power greater than me. I have also read many studies and books in my Masters on leadership Studies that displayed empirical studies and experiential observations that prayer and meditation helped the individual in their spiritual, physical, mental and emotional states. Here is an Innovative Results video on thankfulness and breathing, which can be both prayer and meditation:
  5. A little bit of daily exercise goes a long wayAgain, too many studies have proven that this is one of the BEST ways to FEEL BETTER! Here is an Innovative Results video with an exercise you can do anywhere, and you will feel better afterward:
  6. Daily Affirmation, Scripture Memory, Direction, and Vision Board DailyEven when I am bored with it, or bummed out. I have heard it said, that ‘grace cannot be earned, but it is not opposed to effort.’ By Dallas Willard, and I think the individual plays a major role in what happens to us in this amazing Universe, despite your belief system. Here is an Innovative Results video for your success, where we share our belief in you:
  7. Relationship with God and Others Renewed- An planned intimate venture with the one’s you love, or the one’s that love you can really help carry you out of your hole, and give you a breath of life! Here is an Innovative Results video, where we share our appreciation for our relationship with you:
  8. Simplify- Just take one moment or task at a time. The last steps out of my slump, was repeating to myself, “I can. I will. I must.” “Just do one task.” and “I can do all things through Christ that gives me strength.” Phil 4:13 These three simple phrases, helped me to two simple things (get rid of all the dirt that was in my backyard, and write an email). Here is an Innovative Results video where we show you how simply improving your posture has HUGE implications in the improvement of your mood and motivation:

Afterwards, I felt the grip of dark emotions and slowed energy lift from me, and become replaced with what I describe as my high normal (feeling awake, alive, and energized…fully capable, competent, and confident…READY TO SMASH…Ready to LIVE!…READY TO SERVE…Joyfully praising through my life’s purpose.

I believe that every slump and down part of our life has much to teach us, just like failure and winning has much to teach us as well.

If you have read and watched your way to the end of this article, I hope you already feel better, and I am looking forward to fighting the good fight with you this day, week, and life!!

May your mood be lifted, your dreams be tangible, your actions be swift, and your days be blessed beyond belief!

Make your next one, your best one!

Aaron Guyett

Founder, Co-owner, and Coach

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Experience the Transformation of Yoga at Innovative Results

As of April 2015, Innovative Results now offers Yoga at the Orange County Fitness Playground.


Innovative Results and our dedicated team is here to bring you an Improve Quality of Life, and if you are committing to a positive transformation so shall we!yoga5

Meet the newest member of our IR Team, and YOUR IR Yoga Instructor, Aubrie Pohl!

A profound self-transformation begins to conjure from within when we take diligent action towards our bodies’ health. We learn that it goes beyond stretching or performing exercises, goes deeper than the external aesthetics. These movements manifest an internal cultivation, a commitment to improve our quality of life. Through Innovative Results and yoga, we experience the external and anatomical effects, as well as internal physiological and psychological effect of the trainings and practice. Yoga is a powerful tool to liberate us from where we are restricted- in body, mind, and heart- to experience life in the most organic and whole way. How do we find such great transformation in what may look like moving the body into unusual positions? By experiencing life with a deeper awareness. We introduce mindfulness into our lives; the active participation of every movement, every thought. We steady our breath to steady our thoughts, and feel the sensations throughout our body. Yoga moves the human body in a detailed manner to create movement in the fascia, length in the muscles, and balance. We experience balance between joint stability and mobility, between muscle contraction and relaxation, and balance between the left and right sides of the body. Once we start to create that balance inside the body, by default, we create that balance outside the body. The path of yoga goes beyond the physical postures, its a chance to meet your body where it is each day without judgment, to take the right steps in the right direction. We learn to embrace the flow of progress and focus on enjoying each experience as part of the bigger journey.

Every person is unique, and due to our individual anatomy and physiological history, different movements compliment the different skeletal variations. Innovative Results and yoga introduce a progressive structure, accessible at any level, and appealing to anyone with a desire to improve the quality of their life. They are movement systems designed to help people improve strength, flexibility, coordination, mobility, and body control. Through a playful exploration of movement available in the human system we create an intimate relationship with ourselves. Every posture or exercise is an opportunity to grow a deep level of awareness throughout your body, to feel the mind to muscle connection. The more you scan your body, the better you will become at it, and you can start to recognize when something is out of balance. If any muscle is weak or tight it will affect the body segment to which they connect. Each joint is related to other joints and if one has a problem operating its functions, this will affect the functions of adjacent joints. At Innovative Results and during Yoga practice, we touch the entire body from the head to the foot, from the right to the left, without leaving any part out. The reason we emphasize movement exploration, strength, mobility, and body control is for the application to daily activities. If there is fascial restriction in the shoulders, you’ll have a difficult time reaching overhead to get something from a shelf. If you aren’t flexible enough to touch your toes, it will be difficult to bend down and tie your shoes. By progressively moving through our optimal range of motion and with patience to take one step at a time, we will create a foundation that can positively affect our health, prevent injuries, and heal our bodies. Innovative Results and yoga greatly compliment each other, adding strength to stretch and stretch to strength, allowing us to look better, feel better, and move better to reach our potential greatness.yoga

Join Aubrie and the IR Team:

Tuesdays at 11:00 am
Fridays at 8:00 pm

Drop-In Rates
$10 for IR Clients (Starting 5/1/2015)
$20 for Non-IR Clients
*Unlimited Classes and Packages are available by request*

All Confidence and Smiles, Mikki is Down 23lbs & 2 Dress Sizes

DSC00186_resizeJanuary 14, 2015

If I can make a difference for at least one person who has a similar story, and is considering making a lifestyle change, then I would like to share my story.

While it might seem to some a little dramatic if I said that Innovative Results saved me, but in truth, it did just that.

In August of 2014, I was a 49 year old woman fast approaching her 50th birthday. My youngest daughter was leaving home for college, and as happens to so many women at this time of life, my husband asked me for a divorce. Plus, a very good friend my age was diagnosed with ALS, and her health was deteriorating quickly. To put it mildly, I was overwhelmed and life seemed to be spinning out of control. Oh, of course, I was 40 pounds overweight and having knee problems. It was time to ante up. Get with the program, etc, etc. These were all game changers for me and I wanted to get through the next 50 years as healthy and happy as possible.

I hadn’t always been 40 pounds overweight. I have a thyroid disorder which slows down metabolism. I was a typical yo-yo carb eater slash get back on the wagon and eat no carbs dieter for years, and would exercise, lose weight, and then stop, then gain the weight back, etc. You know the story. I had belonged to a big box gym for many years, but used it only occasionally, as I preferred to run outside or take occasional Pilates classes. This time, though, I was in it to win it. A complete overhaul and lifestyle change was in order. I wanted to accomplish something for me. Since my knee was bothering me and I could no longer run, I wanted to try something different and really wanted a personal trainer. I did some research, saw the great reviews and made an appointment with Innovative Results. I remember being so scared to make the call. I was afraid I’d look like an idiot. I was old and overweight. I was afraid I would fail. I was prepared to turn my health around though, and I made the call.


Mark Elmasry was the trainer who answered the phone. I told him I had an issue with my knee and was looking for somewhere to work out that could provide specific exercises for me. He was so nice and knowledgeable over the phone. I immediately made an appointment to see him. I was met by Mark and co-owner Corey Beasley, who both listened to my health issues/knee problem and walked me through a series of stretches and exercises that would build muscle in my legs to support my knees. I had their full attention for the whole hour, and both of them were very knowledgeable. They never made anything seem out of reach. They sealed the deal. I was a new member of Innovative Results. For my first week, Mark and Corey worked on my imbalances and stretched and rolled out my legs. I never knew stretching and rolling out a muscle could make me sweat so much. During my second week, I began the Innovative Results classes. After a week of private sessions with Mark and or Corey, I was a little disappointed that I would now be in a group setting. But, this is where it gets good! No matter how many people are in the class, trainers Mark and Corey ALWAYS pay attention to what each and every one of their clients are doing. They correct us if we are performing exercises wrong and they praise us when we are doing it right. They make us work hard. No, let me say it like this. They make us WANT to work hard. Many times both trainers have modified the exercises for my knee without me asking. They do this for others as well. I want to reiterate this fact: They are ALWAYS paying attention, even when they are messing around, which is often. They are both silly. And I hope I don’t offend anyone by saying it. They are silly in a good way! And it is one of the reasons I love IR and my trainers. They are all educated about what they are teaching us. They continually challenge us to do our best, but they have fun doing it, and it crosses over to the clients. We all have fun sweating and grunting during our workouts. That is why we return day after day to this amazing playground.

On a side note, I would like to mention the other co-owner, Aaron Guyett, and IR Coach Mason and IR Intern Madison. I don’t have the pleasure of training with Aaron and Mason very often, as they are morning trainers. However, I have had a few occasions where I was able to train with them. They are both awesome too, and of course, equally as challenging and just as fun as the night crew. Madison is also an intern and assists with the training at night. She is also fun and knowledgeable and ready to step in for the trainers when asked. As are all the interns that assist at IR. Let me not forget Jessica who works the front desk during the day. She is always a pleasure to talk with and offers a friendly face upon entering. There is also Lewis who works the desk at night. He too is kind and friendly and is always cleaning something. IR is very clean. 

So, did I leave anything out? Well, one thing. I know I said they were all nice. But did I mention that they are all REALLY nice? Upon entering IR, no matter where the trainers are in the room, or who they are with, they will give you a welcoming shout out. If they miss you on your way in, they will acknowledge you by name when you lay your keys down or begin your stretches. They make their clients feel welcomed.


I had been waiting to write my story and give IR the shout out they deserve when I could say that I lost the 40 pounds I had acquired during 2014. But in all fairness to IR, I couldn’t wait any longer. They are just too good and need to be recognized! I haven’t lost the full 40 pounds, but I have lost 23 pounds, and many inches. I’ve also gained muscle which takes up less space than fat and I have shrunk at least two dress sizes. So, I didn’t lose all the weight yet, but I gained back the self esteem that disappeared with my weight gain, and so much more. I feel connected to the people I’ve met at IR, as we are all in this journey together. I feel ready to battle all that life has to bring! By the way, I haven’t lost my fear of failing, but that’s what keeps me getting up and going back every day, for I know if I continue to try, I can’t fail.


Mikki Tiberghien

Thank you for sharing your incredible story Mikki! You bring such an amazing energy to the IR Family, we look forward sharing in many more of your VICTORIES!

Experience the ZUU on OC’s Fitness Playground

IMG_0320Innovative Results is proud to host both ZUU Level 1 and Ankorr Level 1 Workshops at OC’s Fitness Playground at the end of January 2015!

Bodyweight, calisthenics, and animal movements are a hot topic these days and can add a lot of value to newbies and advanced clients.

We tracked down a group of guys from Australia that are really adding a cool twist to this style of fitness training.

Here’s a breakdown of the weekend:

Saturday, January 31st – ZUU Level 1 (NO Equipment Needed)

  • Story of ZUU
  • Group Dynamics
  • Policing Group Dynamics
  • Culture Formation & Control
  • 18 exercises broken into 3 categories
  • finish 18 exercises broken into 3 categories.
  • 3 hrs of primal movement drills.
  • Practical applications for exercises being integrated into multiple sports & conditioning environments

Can honestly say this day will change some of the people who attend, can be life changing, change the way they look at fitness & life in general.

Sunday, Feb 1st – Ankorr Level 1

Ankorr is a resistance harness like no other!IMG_0357

Within 9 months of showcasing Ankorr (www.ankorr.com) to the UK military, it was assigned an MOD Number (Military Of Defence) giving subsidized access to Army, Navy & RAF personnel.

It is no surprise that this occurred as Ankorr was designed by one of Australia’s leading consultants for high end conditioning, Nathan Helberg. He regularly consults within elite sports & armed forces around the world.

Nathan designed Ankorr to make his fitness training methodology ZUU harder. Nathan knew what he was looking for in creating game specific conditioning & operational readiness.

There are key & unique differences to Ankorr as a resistance harness.

  • 180 degrees of movement through sagittal planes while under constant load.
  • 360 degrees of movement through transverse planes under constant load.
  • Programming for very high end heart & lung conditioning while remaining low impact.
  • Long R&D phase to find the right design & materials.
  • Premium manufacturing for harsh environments & longevity of the product.
  • Load rated for high end power athletes.
  • In-depth training arm.
  • Re-hab & Pre-hab uses

2015 will see Ankorr being rolled out exclusively with Virgin Active gyms nationally across the UK.

These are a handful of features that has given rise to Ankorrs ongoing global success.

We are pleased to announce Jan 2015 will see the first of Ankorr level 1 courses approved by the NASM, NSCA & ACE with accompanying CEU’s being rolled out in the US! Ankorr Level 1 is worth 0.7 CEU’s.

Trainers can now be qualified in the latest training tool & methods currently being used in the elite environment!

Ankorr Level 1 course is $199.00 USD
We offer a package deal of ZUU & Ankorr Level 1 over the weekend for $399.00.

Please contact dirk@ankorr.com to lock in your place.

Ankorr Promo 2 from ZUU Chimps on Vimeo.

The Twelve Days of Christmas at Innovative Results

12daysofDid you know that twelve days of Christmas is celebrated from Christmas Day to January 5th?

Innovative Results is excited to celebrate this traditional time by helping you improve the quality of your life and the lives of the people that matter most to you: your family, your friends, your coworkers, and your community members.

During this Holiday time it is easy to fall into the traps of over-eating and under-moving, leaving you feeling tired, hurt, bloated, and sick.

Join this time of celebration with the Innovative Results family to feel amazing, revitalized, energized, and fit, and don’t forget to share this with the people you care about: family, friends, coworkers, and community members.

Just like the song, each day’s gifts are added to the next day, accumulating a dozen great gifts by the twelfth day!

Here is a little taste of how IR’s Twelve Days of Christmas flows :)il_fullxfull.370605713_e6kl

On the first day of Christmas my IR gave to me, one extra session for free.

On the second day of Christmas my IR gave to me, 2 for 1 drinks, and one extra session for free…And so on!

See below for all Twelve Days, and the requirements for each gift.

December 25th – The First Day of Christmas.Jared & Crew

On the first day of Christmas my IR gave to me, one extra session for FREE.

Requirement to Receive Gift – Bring a friend or set-up a first session for your family, friend, coworker, or community member, and get a free session.

December 26th – The Second Day of Christmas.

2 for 1 drinks (with proof of a rating or review on any one of our review or rating sites)

Requirement for Day 2 Gift – Provide proof of a rating or review on any one of our review or rating sites. Free drink must be of equal or lesser value than purchased beverage. http://www.innovative-results.com/blog/2012/write-us-a-review/

December 27th – The Third Day of Christmas.

Three ways to get rid of pain, tightness, and stiffness in your body to allow you to move freely again.

Back/Shoulders http://goo.gl/EypgCf
Hip/Low Back http://goo.gl/wDl4b2
Lower Body http://goo.gl/7QXtBa

December 28th – The Fourth Day of Christmas.photo 4

Four Shirts for $40 (a $26 savings!) Come in to Innovative Results to purchase these awesome gifts!

December 29th – The Fifth Day of Christmas.

5 Ways to Make Achieving this New Year’s Resolution a Certainty.


December 30th – The Sixth Day of Christmas.

6 Common Workout Mistakes That Are Holding You Back


December 31st – The Seventh Day of Christmas.

7 Core Exercises – Exercises Guaranteed to Challenge your Core In a new Way


January 1st – The Eighth Day of Christmas.

8 Questions Answered About IR

January 2nd – The Ninth Day of Christmas.garret meditation

9 Relaxation and Recovery Techniques – 9 Ways to Renew, Recover, and Feel Your Best


January 3rd – The Tenth Day of Christmas.

10 IR Success Stories to Inspire and Motivate You to Your Success Produce Top 10 testimonials


January 4th – The Eleventh Day of Christmas.

11 Youtube Playlists to keep you looking better, feeling better, and moving better this year.


January 5th – The Twelfth Day of Christmas.2014-03-01 11.01.02

12 Training Sessions For Free

Requirements for Day 12 Gift – When three of your referrals sign up for IR Training (trials or living socials not included)

*BONUS GIFT* – All of your referrals will get 50% off their first month at IR if they sign during the Twelve Days of Christmas!

'Falling, I mean Running Forward' – Steve Makes a Mental Gain

SteveStary4260 #IRStrong, that means 260 incredible stories that inspire the entire IR Family.

It means so much when you share your stories.  Your SUCCESS is the IR Teams’ WHY.

I wanted to thank you and share a story about running that I think you’ll enjoy. As you know, I have been doing triathlons for the last few years and I’m always looking for ways to improve my performance. Coming to IR after taking a 12 month break due to injury has been one of the best decisions I’ve made. I’ve been able safely gain my strength back in order to keep myself injury free going forward. The fun and self confidence I gain are just extras!


Last week at our regular Innovative Results workout you had us do some running but it seemed odd to me at the time because we only have 20 meters to work with. I wondered how we were going to run indoors? With skill and clarity you (Coach Aaron) explained the processes of running as controlled falling. My favorite part was the demonstration of what a baby looks like when they learn to walk – you’re really good at it with your daughter’s example fresh in your mind! The visuals and the exercises combined to make for what ended up being a decent workout (as usual).

What I wanted to share was my recent experience on a run. I never said I was a FAST triathlete and my running pace has been plateaued at a pace averaging between 9:30 and 10:00 per mile. As I began my run I said to myself, “Fall forward” and tried to apply the techniques we just learned at the IR session. I was very comfortable while running, more comfortable than usual. Then I realized I was enjoying running at a pace that was in the 8:30 per mile range! At various points on the run I was even able to get into the high 7’s pace. I have not been running much so I know that much change in performance was not due to pounding out miles, rather it was MENTAL. My actual technique wasn’t really any different than before, but my mental state was. Instead of trying push my body forward stride after stride I leaned forward and consciously tried to use gravity to my advantage. IT WORKS!


I have a lot more training to do before I’m back in racing form but I expect some nice gains next year. In the meantime, I have some other physical endurance goals to accomplish this Spring and with the support I get from Innovative Result and you as my coach I have every confidence that I’ll achieve those goals and beyond.

Thanks for your passion!
Steve Stary


5 Ways To Achieve Your New Year’s Resolution in 2015

new-years-resolutions-tipsTake two minutes to read this and five minutes to fill out the information below, and set-up your free trial with us, to be WAAAY MORE LIKELY to achieve your New Year’s Resolution, AND Actually LOSE unwanted pounds, increase energy, gain strength, feel better, and move better!! (Source: Summary of Recent Goals Research – PDF here: Gail Matthews Written Goal Study Dominican University), by Gail Matthews, Ph.D., Dominican University)

Innovative Results is completely focused on improving the quality of life for our clients and our community. Let us help you improve your quality of life starting today!

We have been around since 2005, and our trainers have over 50 years of collective experience and education. We get better every day to help you improve.

Why is improving your quality of life important to you?

Now for the practical stuff. According to the above study, these are the five ways to make achieving this New Year’s Resolution a REALITY!!

1. Visualize your goal, your steps to success, and your success. (What does it look, smell, feel, taste, and sound like)


2. Write it down in the SMART format.

Specific (Who, what, when, where, why, and how)
Measurable (How do you know you have achieved it, and by when)
Attainable (Is it realistic)
Relevant (How does it fit into your life)
Time-Bound (When will this happen by)
(example: I have fit into the jeans in my closet that are size 32 waist by Christmas morning.)

3. Tell your GOOD family members, friends, co-workers, IR coaches, and community members that encourage you, support you, challenge you, and hold you accountable to your goal.

4. Have short and simple daily to do’s that if done diligently will easily carry your toward your goal’s achievement.


IR and outside of IR training schedule:
Nutrition (80-90% of my nutrition choices are whole natural foods):
Hydration (I drink half of my body weight in ounces of water):
Sleep (7.5 hours of sleep per night):
Stress (I reduce my stress by…):

5. I meet and report on my weekly success to this IR coach, family member, friend, and/or coworker.
There you have it.

Five simple steps to making your New Year’s Resolution a reality this year!

Stiff Sore and Tired? Here's 50+ Ways to Make Yourself Feel Better Today

doggie_yogaSome days are better than others…

Ever wake up stiff, sore, tired and unmotivated to take on your day?

If so, we’ve got a solution for ya…

Here’s 50+ ways to get your blood flowing, mobilize stiff joints and get yourself motivated to take on the day!

All you need to do is push ‘play’ and follow along!

  1. Start with Your Feet and Ankles

  2. Move on to Your Hips

  3. Finish with Your Upper Back and Shoulders

You can do these drills in the morning, at lunch or at the end of a tough day.

They are simple exercises to combat our sedentary lifestyles, improve energy and keep us moving.

All you’ve got to do is bookmark the page, play on your phone or ipad and away ya go!


Fitness gym in Orange CountyPS…got friends that need to get moving? 

  • Send your friends this link
  • Share on Facebook, Twitter or your favorite social network
  • Tag a friend in the comments below
  • Grab a group of people at work or home to watch.

Innovative Results is committed to improving the quality of life for people in Orange County, CA.

Their ‘award winning’ personal trainers and workout program is changing the way people think about working out and getting in shape.

Isn’t it about time you got back on the right track?

Call for more info @ (866)243-4472