Summer Ain’t Over Yet – 7 Simple Tips to Get in Shape



The Summer months are inherently the most popular when it comes to getting in shape.  You’re already half way into the New Year, the weather is heating up and you are either excited, or dreading transitioning into that Summer wardrobe fully equipped with swim wear.

Eliminate the dread, and be fully confident in that sexy beach body of yours!

We are ALL ready, right?!

Isn’t it time we stop dreading “getting in shape,” and start making healthy living simple and more importantly FUN?

Amanda Simon over at Pick  the Brain put together a list of 7 Simple Tips to help bring some confidence to our Summer goals and help us look better, feel better and get moving.

Finish out the Summer strong, healthy and confident!

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Which Is More Important: Sleep or Exercise?

31c30948cffb378a_clockShould I sleep in or workout?

Am I feeling fatigued because I am over-working and over training, OR am I fatigued and drained due to a lack of activity?

These are all great questions to ask yourself prior to hitting the snooze button to catch a few extra Z’s in the morning.

We we’ve all heard that for our bodies and brains to perform optimally we as humans need a proper balance of both sleep and exercise.  Sleep plays a HUGE role in our ‘overall physical and emotional health, helping your brain function, reducing your risk of chronic disease, promoting mental well-being, and boosting your immune system. Studies also show that sleep loss is associated with increased hunger and appetite, linking a lack of zzzs with an increased risk of obesity.’

So what do we do?!

Katie Golde over at Greatist helps break down the importance of maintaining the balance between sleep and exercise in this week’s article “Which Is More Important: Sleep or Exercise?”

Read the FULL Article on Greatist now

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Is Your Support Group Holding You Back?


By Matthew Ferreira Kruse

For years I found myself in the same old hamster wheel spinning and spinning and wondering why I wasn’t reaching my goals and feeling like I was never going to get there. I would give it my all for a few weeks fall off the wagon again and feel burned out, and forgetting why I wanted those goals in the first place. From wanting to get over drug addiction to becoming fit and healthy I just couldn’t seem to figure out why I couldn’t stay determined.

What was keeping me from reaching my goals? Why couldn’t I stay on track and change my quality of life? And I realized it was the support system that I had that was holding me back.

There are two kinds of support groups in my opinion:

One group is going to support your bad habits and continue to hold you back.

The other group is the one who supports you mentally physically and emotionally to reach your goals and providing a positive environment.


My environment was what was holding me back; my support that I chose to be around was leading me in the wrong direction to Drugs, Alcohol Abuse and a general lack of care for myself. I was going nowhere fast and I needed to change quickly.

It’s simple and cliché but the truth is you can’t be flying with the eagles if your hanging out with the turkeys. So what do you do?

Change your environment, change your support group and find those who are going to push you in the right direction. For me it was finding those friends that wanted to positively change their life for the good. I was lucky enough for those friends to be Coach Mason Murphy and Madison Murphy.

The truth is if you think pro fighters who win fights and drug addicts who become sober for 20 years did it on their own, well think again because these people had a positive environment of coaching and a support to help them reach their goals.


Now I’ve changed my environment where do I go from here, I needed direction and coaching to keep me on track.

Coaching isn’t just for the gym and sports but in every day life and just like at Innovative Results when you fall down and you tell yourself you can’t do it any more there’s your coach to help pick you up with positive affirmations and tell you “Come On Keep pushing, Don’t Quit!”

That’s exactly what you need inside and outside the gym, A coach who will be there when your face down in the dirt ready to give up but they won’t let you. And where is a better place to find that than Innovative Results!

But remember it goes both ways, you may not know all the workouts or warm ups or the new progressions but I know each and every person knows how to cheer someone on and being there to pick someone up when they’re tired or down or just having a bad day. So go out there and be a Coach for somebody not only will it make you feel better you will be improving someone’s quality of life!

Friends And Family

Now like I said getting all this new support and coaching is great but the most important part about it is, you get what you give!


Your life isn’t going to change in one night but you have to give that positive support back to others that are in need just like you are. So be conscious of your Friends and Family maybe there in need of some support just like you were. Maybe there looking for someone to open their ears to their problems and give them a hand.

The coaches, friends and family I have at Innovative Results have changed my life in ways I couldn’t of imagined years ago.  And what I always take away from IR is that you don’t ever quit because something is hard and you make sure the people around you are getting that positive support they need. Ever since I have been surrounded by the support I was always looking for I’ve been crushing goals left and right and I couldn’t have done it without the IR FAMILY!

Proclaim Your Own Existence

By Aubrie Pohlbarry peru

Close your eyes, slowly extend your arm in front of you, then raise it up.

How do you know you only raised one arm? How do you know you didn’t raise a leg? What made you sure that you actually raised your arm at all?

You couldn’t see your movement with your eyes closed, but you could still feel it.

Every human has a unique anatomical structure, but we all experience this kinesthetic sense.

This intimate interconnection between body and mind.

Do you know what that means?

We are born to move.

Our bodies love movement.

With every reach, lift, stretch, twist, jump, and dance our bodies reciprocate and expand, lengthen, strengthen, open, and grow towards their greatest potential.


How Often Do You Move?GroupKB

This hasty, task-filling lifestyle we live often can become so busy that we forget moving our body is always an option.

… and being sedentary has become the “normal.”

We are working jobs that require us to sit for hours at a time, and day after day going through the same robotic motions.

We are working our minds while our bodies remain stagnant.

In turn our bodies become stiff, slow, weak; yearning for the freeing sensation of the muscles expanding and contracting, giving and receiving.

This is directly correlated to a decreased quality of life.

Our bodies long for movement.

Our physiology craves the vast variety of movement experienced in the days where our bodies were in motion from sunrise to sunset.

Consequently, our bodies are now confused.

Why are so many movement ranges missing?

What happened to the constant motion?


Movement SimplifiedAlan Gutierrez Rope

Every movement you are doing or not doing is registered by your body.

It doesn’t register the one hour “workout” on the elliptical as enough to make up for the eight hours of inactivity at work.

It doesn’t count the three sets of ten bicep curls as effective to overpower the shortening of the bicep muscle during eight hours of contraction.

It needs more.

We can divide movement into three different patterns: push, pull, and rotation.

Every reach, lift, stretch, twist, jump, and dance is some form of those patterns.

Pushing uses the musculature close to the body to extend outwards, while pulling draws the musculature in.

Rotational movements are the circular movements that keep our core strong and powerful.

Encourage yourself to move on a regular basis, freely and openly, in whatever way feels best.

Take breaks from stillness and extend your limbs in any direction, with your eyes opened or closed, tapping into this alliance of body and mind.

Experience the healing pleasure as you move through the three movement patterns, every day of life and notice your body moving better, looking better, and feeling better.


Can’t get enough Aubrie?!

Maybe it’s time you check out IR’s Yoga Sessions!

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7 Great Foods to Boost Your Brain Power

5-brain-food-1024x668Our ability to think creatively and clearly is is being side-lined by our daily workload, not to mention our addiction to the TV, computer and phone screens.

It’s time to reboot our brains, and we can’t think of a better way to do it then to EAT!

Exercise is a great way to get a cognitive boost, and matched with these 7 clean eat, brain boosters you will be well on your way to a more productive day.

Feeling a bit sluggish throughout the day? Set down that caffeine filled-cup and try out one of the SEVEN.

Experience the “7 Great Foods to Boost Your Brain Power”  in Dumb Little Man’s Tips for Life


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Who is Your Present Self

By Aubrie Pohl

In a world of pictures of the past and calendars of the future, of planning ahead before we plan today, are we spending enough time to connect to our present self?

At this very moment, there is a self-reflexive awareness within you, able to connect to simply who you are right now.

Your present self allows you to be right where your feet are, and this will undoubtedly enhance your life and your relationships.


Presence helps us be more effective in our jobs, in our abilities to connect with one another, and conditions us to stay focused on the acceptance of whom and where we are in life.

Every individual has a different way of interpreting the world, and your present cognitive structure can greatly influence your mind and its ability to perceive.

Sometimes what’s going on in your head will affect every output of your body!

For example, are you going to have a better work out if you arrive to your training session with dread and monotony, or with enthusiasm and encouragement?

Our human minds keep the perpetual stream of thoughts running amok 24/7… but we have the ability to recognize and differentiate thoughts that are constructive or destructive.

You can THINK about your THOUGHTS!Karyn_Daniel

It is easy to become subject to our feelings, but when we check in and observe the internal world that is within us, our present self is able to discern if our thoughts are helping or hurting us.

At any given moment in time, we have the ability to see reality in the present, as it is, and act accordingly in a way that is prosperous to improving the quality of our life.

Your present self can be the greatest motivator or the greatest inhibitor of your goals, it’s your call.

Allow yourself to keep tuning in to the voice inside your head, and let your present self decide if your patterns of thoughts at that moment are uplifting or self-sabotaging.

Your external behaviors will become reflective of your thoughts and will ultimately impact your life.

See the drastic improvements in your workouts, your relationships, and your self-concept when you remove the gross impurities of your mind in favor of generating a little more happiness and acceptance for who you are right now.

Take the time to focus not on what you have done, or been, or accomplished, but instead acknowledge the beautiful creation of your present self.


What Can We Learn From How Grandma and Grandpa Used To Eat?

Photo credit to Trinity River Fitness
Photo credit to Trinity River Fitness

It is no secret that obesity and sickness is on the rise.  Food is continually becoming more and more “convenient” and our lifestyles’ increasingly more sedentary.

“Today we cut carbs, remove fat, cook less, eat more, consume genetically modified, artificially sweetened, processed foods and spend most of our time sitting.” Which is dramatically different from the lifestyle’s of our grandparents, great-grandparents and those before them.

From food tolerances, processed foods, and food culture it is time we take our health back and work towards an improved quality of life for our future.

Read this FULL article and Michael Pollan’s 9 Principles of Healthy Eating on Eat Local Grown

There is No Limit to Your Potential Once You Engage This

By Aubrie Pohl

IR photos-022_RWE Quote

The elaborate structure of the human mind yields one of the greatest imaginable catalysts to SUCCESS.

An essential step you can take towards achieving your greatest potential is being mindful of your ATTITUDE. A mastermind of your cognition, attitude shapes the way you perceive the world and the way the world perceives you.

It directly impacts our communication, contribution, and performance on a daily basis. Developing a high level of attitude awareness creates the ability to shape your world and mind into any desired result!

A positive attitude is intentional, and if you can think, speak, and act consistently in this way, you will change the way you feel inside and elevate your life to one of happiness, compassion, and opportunity.


Our febrile human minds create an incessant flow of thoughts.

Positive thinking begins within that endless chatter of unspoken thoughts within our brain, called self-talk.

By nature we experience both positive and negative thoughts, so to say we should always think positively is unrealistic. However, embracing the right ATTITUDE can transform a negative notion into a positive one.

Through dominating our internal battle with beneficial thoughts, such as less self-criticism and more self-acceptance, we have the ability to rewire our brain.

The brain strengthens neural connections that are used and weakens ones that aren’t.

Adopting a new habit of positive thinking will slowly shift your brain into a positivity producing engine! This will generate advantageous effects both within your body and in your life.

Negative thinking can wreak havoc in the system by igniting stress responses, as well as narrow your mind to focusing on negative emotions. On the contrary, positive thinking can open your mind to the vast array of opportunities in our world, and will greatly reduce the harmful health effects of stress on the body.

Positive thoughts help build skills and produce an enhanced ability to handle stress in a more constructive way, and encouraging self-talk can convert any obstacle into an opportunity for growth and courage.

By rewiring the brain to create an endless flow of primarily positive thoughts, the forthcoming words and actions will be equally fruitful.

WHAT YOU SAY MATTERSracked carry 2

Words are tools that we have always had access to and have used every day since we started verbally communicating; they allow us to connect with each other and give meaning to our experiences. Consequently, they can have a profound impact upon ourselves and the people around us.

What you say, and how you say it, can be important and even life changing in the view of someone else.

Words have a biochemical effect on the body, and by introducing positive words into our vocabulary, we can change the pattern of our feelings and create joyful experiences!

Essentially, the words we attach to our experience will transform our perception.

We literally have the ability to turn a monotonous task into an exciting activity by simply choosing to use positive words.

Try this! The next time someone asks you, “How are you?”… instead of saying “good”, try “fantastic” or “awesome!” and notice how it affects your attitude.

Through positively orchestrating our speech, we can spark change to guide ourselves to action and improve the quality of our lives.


Instilling our actions in forward momentum will allow us to continue on a path of self-transformation and success.

Mindfully build good habits, pursue goals, endeavor to live the life you have imagined and you can confidently move in the direction of your highest potential! By taking the right steps in the right direction, positive actions become intentional activities that manifest more motivation, happiness, and improved life conditions.

The inevitable negative moments in life will occur, but with a positive attitude we can accept those moments as opportunities to take positive action and reach a new high.

In fact, a change of behavior can alter how we think and feel.

Our emotions are reinforced by their matching expression, so even our poses and demeanor have the potential to change the chemical make-up of our bodies.

Smile and you will feel happier!

Stand tall with your chest out and you will assert confidence.

With a little polish of our ATTITUDE, we can change our actions and reactions, continually discovering maneuvers we can perform to make our lives more meaningful and satisfying.



If you want to change your life, construct your decisions and actions, and become what you are truly capable of, start shifting your emotional patterns.

A positive attitude starts from within, and monitoring the internal dialogue will effectively influence your relationship with yourself and your relationships with others.

Focusing your mind on how to be positive will reveal more ways to be so.

As we communicate with this transformational vocabulary, we radiate our positivity to others in hopes of redirecting possible negative words they harbor.

Fill yourself with positive energy, and choose thoughts, words, and actions that leave you feeling good towards yourself and others.

At any moment, you have the power to construct your decisions and actions.

As always, it’s your call.


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8 Things I Wish I’d Known About Health (Before I Learned the Hard Way)

resultsFrom Fitness Pros to Average Joe’s, health and fitness goals are not effortlessly achieved. What you eat DOES matter, your mindset DOES matter, there will be NO quick fixes and your goal WILL require effort.

The more specific the goal, the more attention we must pay to our body’s needs versus our minds wants, prepare for the highs & the lows (because yes there will be both), and keep our eye’s fixed on the end result.

We recently came across an article on MindBodyGreen titled “8 Things I Wish I’d Known About Health (Before I Learned The Hard Way)” that we have found relatable to our team at OC’s Fitness Playground as well as our family of clients. Enjoy!

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